Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Commercial plumbing problems aren’t just an inconvenience; they’re bad for business! When problems arise in your public restroom, you’re bound to upset your staff and agitate your customers. And that perpetual “out of order” sign on the bathroom door doesn’t exactly paint a professional image. This is why it’s important to have a commercial plumber on speed dial. Here are five of the most common commercial plumbing issues we see on a regular basis:

Clogged Toilets

Public toilets take a beating. People are less likely to take care of a toilet that isn’t their own. For this reason, commercial toilets regularly clog up with sanitary products, diapers, and wipes, as well as random objects you’d never expect to see in a toilet. And even though they are built tougher than residential toilets, they will see their fair share of clogs. Keep a good plunger on hand and hang signs reminding staff and customers to properly dispose of trash in designated bins.

Clogged Drains

Commercial restrooms see clogged sink drains from time to time, usually from bits of paper towel. But restaurants see this problem more often. Commercial kitchen sinks and dishwashers get a lot of use, commonly blocking up with bits of food, grease, and broken glass. Due to the hustle of the restaurant scene, these problems are sometimes inevitable; however, you can do your best to remind your staff to dispose of waste in the trash instead of the sink.

Sewer Odors

Maybe your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. Or perhaps your restroom is equipped with multiple sinks but people only tend to use one or two of them. If a sink doesn’t get a lot of use, it will dry up, allowing sewer gases to rise up out of the drain. When you encounter this problem, simply pour a gallon of water down the drain to block the gases from rising.

Water Temperature Issues

Most commercial sinks face a loss of hot water. The constant use puts a lot of wear and tear on the water heater. Some businesses choose to only supply cold water to avert this problem. But other establishments, like hotels and hospitals, do not have this choice. Commercial water heaters need to be inspected every three months in order to maintain proper function.

Broken Toilet Handles

A public restroom typically gets more use than a residential one. For this reason, fragile toilet handles are destined to break. The best way to avoid this is to install motion-activated flushing systems. As a bonus, it won’t matter if someone forgets to flush; the contents will empty out automatically.

Stephens Plumbing Will Handle Your Commercial Plumbing Issues

Commercial plumbing issues are common; Stephens Plumbing can help. Our experienced team of professionals is equipped to handle both large and small establishments. From public restroom and commercial kitchen improvements to large-scale HVAC repairs, our range of services makes us a one-stop shop for your commercial plumbing needs.