Things That Should Not Go Down Your Drain

Items That Should Not Be Put Down Your Drain

Clogged pipes and broken garbage disposals can be a real pain in the drain. Clogs and damages often occur because certain food and other items are being put into the drain when they should not be. To prevent serious damage to your plumbing, Stephens has put together a list of things that should absolutely stay away from your drain. 

1. Grease

If poured down the drain, grease can cause major plumbing issues. After you pour the grease down the drain, it begins to solidify in your pipes as it cools down. Over a period of time, other debris and food remains can attach to it, ultimately causing a clog. Instead of disposing of your grease down the drain, we recommend putting it into an empty can. Once the grease is solid, you can remove it from the can and place it into your trashcan. 

2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds tend to clump together when water is present, so putting them down the drain is definitely not a good way to dispose of them! We recommend composting the grounds or using them in your garden as fertilizer. 

3. Egg Shells

When put down the drain, egg shells can attach to the pipes. The membrane can also wrap around the blades, causing serious damage. We suggest composting the egg shells or throwing them away to avoid clogs. 

4. Pasta

Cooked pasta and your drain do not go well together. It can get stuck on the blades of your garbage disposal as well as cause a major clog. It is best to avoid the mess and throw the waste away.  

5. Flour

When mixed with water, flour turns into a thick, glue-like substance. In instances where flour ends up in your drain, it can form blockages. Not only are these sticky messes detrimental on their own, but other foods and substances can get lodged in the mass, creating an even worse situation. Avoid flour going down the drain, and if you spill it in the sink, dampen a paper towel, wipe the sink down, and dispose of it in the trash.

6. Vegetable and Fruit Peelings

The peelings from various fruits and vegetables can build up on the blades of your garbage disposal as well as make their way into your pipes. The trash or a composting bin is the way to go. 

7. Medication

Medication should never go down your drain as it can pollute the environment and the water that you drink. You can properly dispose of old medication by taking it to a drug take-back location. 

Get Help From Stephens Plumbing

At Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that accidents happen. If you are experiencing plumbing issues due to one of these items going down your drain, don’t stress. Our expert technicians are here to help! We will come to your home, assess the issue, and get right to work so that you can have a functioning drain and plumbing system as soon as possible. You can count on every member of our team to be experienced, knowledgeable, and highly capable of your drain repair. Call and schedule an appointment with us today!