Different Levels of Toilet Repair


The toilet is one of the most essential features of any home, apartment, commercial building, or school. When they’re working, nobody thinks twice about it because it’s something that we’re so used to as a society. However, everyone will notice when a toilet stops working. It can actually be one of the most dreadful moments for any individual person. The problem could be a quick fix, but there might also be a larger looming issue with the building’s plumbing system.

Understanding The Different Types of Toilet Repair

A toilet might not flush for a variety of reasons, so you need to know about some of the main components that give a toilet its functionality. Below are some of the most common issues calling for toilet repair. Some can be handled by a homeowner, but others might require the services of a professional plumber.

Constantly Running Toilet

A toilet that runs water non stop happens when the fill valve that determines how much water enters the tank doesn’t close completely. After you flush a toilet and it refills, you’ll notice there is a distinct sound that almost sounds like a muted whip crack. This is the moment that the valve closes in the tank, stopping the continuous flow of water. Unfortunately, what prevents this closure can be tied to quite a few different components, including the flush valve, fill valve, the overflow tube, or even the tank itself. Sometimes the solution is as simple as bending the float arm upwards, which will help push the fill valve closed consistently. A less manageable situation by a homeowner is when you notice cracks either on the sides or base of tank, and this is causing water to leak. In these instances, you need to call for emergency plumbing, since either the tank or entire toilet needs to be replaced. There isn’t a quick fix for something like that.

Fixing a Clogged Toilet

This is probably the most common problem that people experience with toilets. The causes are numerous, and given the subject matter, we won’t go into detail. However, some people don’t realize the impact of flushing non-toilet friendly items like hygiene products or paper towels. The majority of the time, the type of toilet repair needed is simply a plunger and knowing how to use the tool. For the other, less common instances, you’re likely going to need to get a professional plumber involved, since the root of the issue might not be apparent at first glance.

Issues Beyond The Surface

This is where things get tricky. If common tools like a plunger or a plumbing snake don’t resolve the issue, there is likely a larger problem stemming from somewhere else in the plumbing system. Because plumbing systems are more intricate than people realize, it’s not advised that you go poking around with piping throughout your home.

Have A Professional Handle Any Major Toilet Repair

If you’re unsure of what’s causing problems with your toilet, there’s nothing wrong with calling an experienced, reputable team who will help with toilet repair. They’ll be able to help identify what the cause of the problem is, and also spot any larger, lingering issues that might be impacting your building’s plumbing system as a whole.

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