In Need of Toilet Repair? Follow These Steps

Address Toilet Repair Needs Right Away

When it comes to toilets, it’s best to be proactive on any repairs before a problem becomes too serious to ignore. Depending on the number of bathrooms in your home and the number of people who would be affected by a malfunctioning toilet, it goes without saying that nipping the issue in the bud is the best course of action. Not only for the sake of convenience, but also so you don’t risk further damage to your home. Here are a few things you will want to do as you address toilet repair.

Tip 1: Stop Using The Malfunctioning Toilet

No matter what your toilet repair needs may be, it’s best to stop using the toilet, if at all possible. If you have more than one toilet in the house, it may be inconvenient, but it’s easy enough to direct house members to go to the other toilet when the need arises. You don’t want the problem to get worse and you really don’t want an emergency to occur because you didn’t prevent future wear and damage to the toilet.

Tip 2: Turn The Water Off

Whether you know the issue or not, to ensure the safety of your home, it’s best to turn the water off in your toilet. As long as it’s not an emergency, there’s no reason to turn the water off to the whole house, but you can turn the water off to the toilet so whatever leak is occurring won’t continue until you can get a plumber over to fix the issue.

Tip 3: Understand How Toilets Work

You might be in better shape if you know how a toilet works so you can pinpoint possible small issues that can easily be fixed. You can either do some of those items yourself, or at least know what you’re in for when you invite a plumber over to do things for you. Figure out flappers, supply lines, toilet anchor flanges and other details to help you decipher issues as you address them in turn.

Tip 4: Identify Emergencies

If you are in an emergency situation, you need to recognize it so you can call for a plumber right away. Some issues can wait until business hours and the business week, others cannot. If your toilet is backing up into the house, once you have the water shut off, you still want to have things addressed as soon as possible.

Tip 5: Call For Help

Whenever you are dealing with something as important as toilet repair, it’s important to get a professional in there to do the job right. You want your repairs done quickly and efficiently so you can get the toilet back in working order without any issues. Tell the plumber what’s going on and if you have any ideas as to what the cause might be. They can take care of the rest when they arrive.

Get Toilet Repairs From Professionals

Your plumbers at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help you with your toilet repairs. Whether it’s an emergency, or something more minor that can wait, we’re here to help you effectively and efficiently as soon as possible.

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