Do I Need a Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

Determine If You Need a Humidifier or Dehumidifier With Stephens

The air quality in your home is important for your health and well-being. The summer months can cause homes to become humid, while the winter months can bring an uncomfortable dryness. How can these problems be solved? Learn about the differences between a humidifier and dehumidifier, the different types, and how they can positively impact your health with the experts at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. 


A humidifier is a device that helps increase moisture in the air. Colder weather is often the culprit of dry air as many turn to heat to make their homes warmer or cozier. When the air is dry, individuals may experience respiratory problems, including sinusitis, bronchitis, and asthma. In addition to helping prevent the aforementioned issues, a humidifier can also help keep the skin from drying out and reduce snoring. There are different types of humidifiers, which include cool mist, warm mist, vaporizer, and ultrasonic. By installing one of these devices, you can save money on your energy bills and keep your loved ones healthy. 


A dehumidifier does the exact opposite of a humidifier; it eliminates or reduces the humidity in any space. How does it do this? When a dehumidifier is on, it extracts water from cold air. If too much humidity is present, it can cause mold to grow and increase the presence of mildew and insects ––all of which are not good for your health. Some of the different types of dehumidifiers include refrigerative, desiccant, and ionic. 

Contact Stephens for Humidifier or Dehumidifier Installation or Replacement

Whether you have opted for a humidifier, dehumidifier, or both, contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating, and & Conditioning to help with the installation. We can help you select the right device for your needs and properly install it. If you have previously purchased a humidifier or dehumidifier and are experiencing issues, one of our technicians would be more than happy to come to assess the situation and handle it as we best see fit. As Stephens, it is our job to ensure our clients receive quality service. We will work to help clear the air so that you and your family can live both healthy and comfortable.

In addition to these services, we offer thermostat installation and replacement as well as air duct replacement and cleaning. We also provide air duct services, which include air duct cleaning. It is important to make sure that your air ducts are clean in order to prevent dirt, dust, and other contaminants from circulating throughout your home. Dirty air ducts can also cause an increase in energy costs due to the unit having to work harder to function. Our experienced technicians understand how air ducts work and the best way to clean them, so you can count on just to get the job done and restore your home to proper air quality.

 We love helping our local community when they need us the most. When you’re ready to breathe easy, Stephens will be ready to lend a helping hand!