Make Your Air Quality Top Notch

Air Quality Improvement Tips

Do you know what’s in the air in your home? You might be surprised, and not in a pleasant manner. If you would like to improve the air quality in your home (and most people can, easily enough), there are many things you could do. If you have allergies or asthma, your home air-quality is even more important. But even for everyone else, you want nothing but the best air for your family to breathe in the place they relax the most often. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals with ease.

Tip 1: Ventilate

One of the easiest things to do in order to improve the air in your home is to simply get the air moving. On a nice day, open the windows to let fresh air in and old air out. On hot days when you can’t open the windows, turn on the overhead fans or place a fan on a table and let it do some work. If you have a whole house fan, you can use that, too.

Tip 2: Clean the AC

When you do your weekly dusting and cleaning, it’s easy enough to overlook the HVAC system, but the cleaner that unit is, the better your air quality will be. Air conditioners help to improve the air in your home so put in new filters and clean them regularly between replacements. Since your cooled air will have to go with the AC unit first, you want that unit to be clean so the air will come out into your home as unscathed as possible.

Tip 3: Change Sheets

Dust leads to poor air quality and they can irritate your nose and throat. You might have a regular schedule for washing sheets and towels, but perhaps you should get another set so you can rotate and do the changing and cleaning more often. Wash other fabrics like curtains and cushions so dust can’t build up and end up in the air.

Tip 4: Get Houseplants

Even if you aren’t good at growing things, there are some easy-to-maintain house plants that can add oxygen and remove toxins from the air in your home. Not all houseplants are good at this job, but certain ones, like Bamboo palm, English Ivy, and more can really add looks and air quality to the home.

Tip 5: Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Items

You put things into the air every time you clean and if you can use natural products, they won’t harm your air quality. Instead of harmful chemicals, try vinegar, lemon, and simple hot water to get things clean.

Improve Air Quality With Duct Cleaning

Even if you do a lot of things to keep your air clean, you will still want to get an air duct cleaning every now and then to make sure all of your efforts aren’t foiled by the dirt inside the ducts being blown out into the house. Contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning and look into air duct cleaning to give your family the purest air to breathe at home.

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