Floor Heater Repair Needs

Floor Heaters Need Repairs Too

If you’ve ever stepped onto a perfectly warm floor in the dead of the chilly winter, you know that floor heaters are heavenly. However, they don’t always work perfectly and there can be a number of things that go wrong. If the floor heaters are installed properly, there aren’t many issues that arise. There aren’t any moving parts involved and your floor heater is protected and covered by materials over it. But issues can occur, especially if installation instructions are not followed. If you installed your own floor heater, or had someone who wasn’t qualified for the job do it for you, here are some things that could have been done wrong.

Not Taking Floor Heater Ohm Readings With A Digital Multimeter

If you have no idea what that even means, and you installed the floor heater, then you’re in trouble. These readings have to be done before, during and after the insulation to allow the installer to detect any damage that might have been caused to the unit while the wire was exposed as it was being laid out. If you don’t take readings along the way, anything could have happened and you’d never know.

Not Ensuring Factory Joints Are Encapsulated By Thinset

This is to prevent breakage once the floor heater is powered up. If the joints aren’t enclosed, anything could happen to them once the system is utilized. This is something that professionals know and will do with precision. As an amateur, you may not realize this and make mistakes along the way.

Not Having The Right Circuit Breaker For The System

Circuit breakers can only handle so much so if you connect a floor heater to your electrical panel and overdo it, you could have constant tripping. That’s an annoyance that could cause you not to bother using the floor heater that you just installed, simply because you didn’t look into the circuits beforehand. Professionals, of course, will know all of this and will make recommendations to you as to what will work best.

Repairing Floor Heaters

Once the damage is done, it’s possible to repair floor heating systems without removing the entire floor, depending on what is wrong. You will want a professional to diagnose the issue and offer recommendations as to what would be best for repairs. If you had called for expert installation in the first place, you can avoid these repairs. Plus, you get guarantees that if anything does go wrong, they will fix it for no extra charges.

Getting Floor Heaters Installed

When you are ready to have comfortable feet at all times and no more cold floors, contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for details on the right floor heater and its professional installation. Doing things right the first time around is in your best interest so you don’t have repair bills later. Plus, you have a working floor heater like you wanted all along. Work with experts to take care of your cold feet every season of the year.

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