Maintenance Tips for Kitchen Plumbing

Be Mindful of Your Kitchen Plumbing

There are many important aspects to a kitchen in any house, but one of the more significant parts is the plumbing. Your kitchen plumbing does a lot for you, even if you don’t think about it very often. It’s likely hooked up to your fridge to provide water and ice. It’s also hooked up to the dishwasher, so you can run cycles and not have to wash so much by hand. And, of course, it operates the kitchen sink so you can run water to cook, wash things, and take care of other kitchen necessities. If you want your kitchen to continue to operate well, taking care of the kitchen plumbing is important. Here are a few tips to help you be mindful of your kitchen plumbing. 

Tip 1: Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Whether you have a garbage disposal or not, you need to be careful about what you put down the kitchen sink’s drain. You might think that with a disposal, you can do anything you want, but that’s just not true. Pipes are still pipes. Don’t, for example, place grease down the drain. It firms up once it cools down and can clog things with ease. Any foods you cut up and can put in the garbage, you should. When you wash things, there are going to be some things that go down the drain and that’s okay. You can use the garbage disposal to clear the pipes. But don’t put any more down there than necessary.

Tip 2: Schedule Regular Inspections

Just like you have inspections on your HVAC system to keep things running efficiently and effectively, you need to schedule maintenance checks on your kitchen plumbing. Even small leaks can turn into a big deal in the kitchen and it’s the last room in the house you want to ruin. Have a plumber come check things over, so small things can be caught early before they become serious problems.

Tip 3: Watch for Changes

You know when your kitchen is operating at full power since you use it on a regular basis. When you notice something change, it’s time to get the plumbing inspected. You might notice water not being as hot (which may be the hot water heater) or water coming in and smelling bad. Or you might notice a change in water pressure or a dripping noise coming from under the sink. You know your kitchen best and if changes occur, you will want to get the kitchen plumbing looked over for your efficiency’s sake.

Find Kitchen Plumbing Experts

Plumbers that work in homes regularly are going to know just what to do with any issue your kitchen plumbing is having. Call the professionals at Stephen’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning and we can inspect your plumbing and point out anything that may be wrong, even slightly. We can also give you advice as to what you should or shouldn’t do with your drains and pipes in that space, so you can maintain them even better in the future and avoid inconvenient clogs and more calls to the plumber than necessary.

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