5 Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair

Not sure if you need a water heater repair? Here are 5 telling signs.

Almost all of us depend on our water heaters each and every day. We use hot water for showers, doing laundry, and cleaning/sanitizing our dishes on a regular basis. Because of this, it can be extremely inconvenient if your water heater breaks down or malfunctions. Fortunately, if you pay attention to the warning signs, you can get a water heater repair service before the problem can get worse.

To help you out, here are the top 5 warning signs that you need a water heater repair:

1. Your tap water tastes, looks, or smells funny.

If you’ve noticed any changes in the way your tap water tastes, smells, or looks, this could be a good indicator that you need a water heater repair. Should you notice any of these, it’s best to call a plumber right away, as plumbing and heating problems don’t just go away on their own.

2. You’ve noticed weird sounds coming from the water heater.

Over time, the minerals within your home’s water can build up and form mineral or scale deposits in your water heater. These deposits can cause your water to take longer to heat up, making it less energy efficient. If you hear any loud cracks, pops, or banging noises coming from your water heater, it’s typically a sign of excess buildup within the tank.

3. Water is leaking or moisture is accumulating near your water heater.

If your water heater is leaking or you’ve noticed moisture around it, don’t ignore it. A water heater leak can quickly turn into a big problem, causing water damage around your house, flooding, electrical problems, and more. If you find a water heater leak, contact your plumber immediately for a water heater repair service.

4. Your water isn’t getting as hot as normal, or you have no hot water at all.

Is your shower not getting as hot as usual? Do you not have any hot water at all? If either is the case, it’s a very certain indicator that something is not working properly with your water heater.

5. You haven’t kept up with a water heater maintenance schedule.

Even if nothing appears to be wrong with your water heater, if you haven’t been keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule, you may be in need of a water heater repair service. Periodically, your water heater should be cleaned, inspected, and flushed to ensure that it’s working as efficiently as possible.

24/7 Water Heater Repair Services in Orange County and the South Bay

Whatever you do, don’t try to perform a water heater repair on your own—especially if your water heater is powered by gas. You’ll be much better off leaving the water heater repair to a professional, rather than risking losing your entire home. For water heater repair services in Orange County and the South Bay area, contact us 24/7. We offer emergency plumbing services, so you’ll never have to go long without hot water.

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