What Can A Plumber Do Besides Fix Your Plumbing?

Plumbing Talents

When you invite a plumber into your home, you expect them to fix your plumbing issues. You may have called them because you have a leaky toilet, a broken pipe, or another issue. But what you may not realize is you are inviting a professional into your home and there are many other things you can ask of them while they are there. Plumbers are there to fix your issues, but they can do much more than that! Here are a few things you could ask while they are in your home.

Toilet Tips

If there is any piece of plumbing in your home that you want to work well, it’s the toilet. That means you have to care for it properly in order to prevent issues. Your plumber can give you tips on what you should and shouldn’t flush and other ways you can care for your toilet in order to prevent issues that can arise as the years of use pass by.

Plumbing Maintenance

Just like anything else in the house, your plumbing system needs regular maintenance. While the plumber is in your home, ask for maintenance tips to help you avoid issues that can cause floods, leaks, and major drama. A plumber can teach you how to unclog minor drains on a regular basis so you can avoid major clogs and an emergency call.

Water Heater Fixes

Plumbers can also help you care for your water heater. They run hot water and they can have issues and need repairs, just like anything else. You may notice your hot water running colder and you don’t want to bathe in something icy. The plumber can check your water heater out while they are there and issue any required fixes.

Plumbing Check Up

While you may have called the plumber in to fix a leaky faucet, you might also want them to check out the rest of your plumbing to ensure that everything is flowing well. They can inspect the pipes and make sure that everything looks good while they are there. If they spot anything minor, they can fix it before it becomes a major issue.

After Hours Calls

While you don’t want to wake anyone up if you don’t have to, emergency plumbers are there to help you at all hours of the day or night. Sometimes, when your pipe bursts, you can’t wait until morning to have someone come out and help you. Plumbers are there to help and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to make the call. It can happen to anyone at any time.

Stephens Plumbing Does It All

When you call Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, you get more than a plumber to fix one small plumbing issue. You get a professional that will answer your questions and ensure that you are satisfied with your service. We strive to keep your plumbing in the best possible shape so you don’t have to call us with emergencies. Whether you have a leaky toilet or a burst pipe or anything in between, give us a call for help!