Debunking the Top AC Maintenance Myths

The Top 5 AC Maintenance Myths

Having been in the HVAC business for the past 30 years, we have heard, seen, and done it all when it comes to AC services. Over the years, we’ve heard all kinds of AC maintenance myths for our customers. Since we frequently hear the same myths and misconceptions over and over, we decided it’s time to debunk them once and for all.

That being said, here are the top 5 AC maintenance myths, debunked:

1. “I don’t need my AC unit inspected unless there’s a problem.”

Issues with your HVAC system typically don’t just appear out of nowhere. Most of the time, a problem starts within your system and gradually gets worse over time. By the time you notice a problem—like when your AC stops working—it’s probably been building up for a while. Had you been inspecting your AC unit regularly, you could have caught the problem while there was still an easy fix.

2. “I only need to replace my air filter once a year.”

You should be replacing your air filter at least once every two months. If you are using your HVAC system regularly, you have allergies, or you have pets that shed a lot, you should replace your air filter every month. By replacing your air filter, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, improve the quality of the air in your home, and save money on energy bills.

3. “I should keep my ceiling fans on all the time to cool my home.”

Ceiling fans work by circulating air throughout the room. While you may feel some relief to have a breeze blowing on you, the room is actually remaining at the same temperature. For this reason, you should always turn off your ceiling fan when you leave a room, as all it is doing is using up energy.

4. “My thermostat is fine anywhere in my home.”

Your thermostat works by reading the temperature of the air surrounding it—in order to cool or heat your home. If located near a heat source or in the path of direct sunlight (by a window), your thermostat may read incorrectly. This can make the entire HVAC system work inefficiently.

5. “I should set my thermostat to a lower temperature to cool my home faster.”

Your HVAC system will cool or heat at the same rate—no matter what temperature it’s set at. By setting your thermostat to a lower temperature, the HVAC system will only stay on for a longer period of time—rather than working harder.

Our AC Maintenance Services

Even though you’re probably not thinking about cooling your home right now, it can still be a good time to look into AC maintenance services. AC maintenance services may include everything from changing your air filters, to cleaning debris out of your AC unit, to inspecting and cleaning your entire HVAC system, to AC repair, and more. Click below for more information on AC maintenance to ensure that your system works whenever you need it—all year long.

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