Finding a Good Plumber: 4 Key Traits

If you suddenly find yourself with water that doesn’t heat up, a toilet that doesn’t flush, or grimy water that isn’t suitable for cleaning and especially drinking, you’re likely going to call a plumber. Even if you’ve done research for DIY tips, some problems are too big to be handled by an amature and a professional needs to be utilized.

How To Find A Good Plumber

If you’re new homeowner, or a renter and your landlord didn’t provide you with a go-to plumber to call, then you’re going to have to do a bit of resource to find someone. Below are some signs of a plumber that’s worth your time and worth the cost.

Their Business Is Well-Reviewed

If you’re in a pinch, your first stop for finding a plumber is going to be the internet. With a quick Google search, you have have the names and numbers of at least 10 different plumbing companies, along with their associated reviews. Fortunately, many websites like Yelp allow customers to post reviews about their experiences with a particular company. This means you can a variety of opinions in a short amount of time. They can go into detail such as cost, overall quality of service, or write about anything else they think other potential customers might be interested in knowing. When you come across a company that has a plethora of positive reviews, you know you may be found a plumber worth calling.

Look For Someone Who Offers A Lot of Services

Besides the reviews that former and current customers have left, a good plumber will also be able to handle a variety of issues should they come up. This is important because you want to ensure that your money is being well spent. For example, say you have a toilet that won’t flush, and you’ve tried some of the basic fixes you found online. When you hire a plumber, make sure they don’t just specialize in ‘toilet repair’, since the issue might be the the home’s larger piping system. If you get a plumber who will only fix the toilet and not the bigger problem, you’ve essentially wasted money on something that ultimately won’t make a difference. A plumber well-versed in a variety of issues can save you more money and trouble in the long-term that you may realize.

They Don’t Speak in Jargon

Another sign of a good plumber is the way in which they communicate with you. For the most part, plumbing is a fairly intricate profession, and there is certain terminology that could be hard to follow. A good plumber will know how to really easily translate complicated jargon into layman’s terms so you can understand exactly what’s going on. This is important since you want to have a good idea of what exactly you’re paying for. A plumber that beats around the bush and can’t adequately explain why it is they’re charging you a certain amount will only lead to more frustration.

Estimates and Pricing Are Clear

Finally, make sure that you’re hiring a plumber who can provide realistic estimates for cost, and their overall pricing is clear to you as a customer. You can’t expect them to know exactly what your repair or inspection will cost since they haven’t had a chance to look, but you should be able to obtain a general idea based on typical services they provide.

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