4 Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

Repiping: When Your Home’s Plumbing Needs an Overhaul

As the name implies, repiping refers to the replacement of all incoming water lines into your home (or business) with new ones. Although the decision to repipe your home is a big one to make, replacing old and worn-out piping can be a very smart investment for homeowners. Eventually rust and corrosion can cause pipes to leak or burst, leading to water damage and the need for expensive repairs.

While replacing or repairing a section of your home’s piping may appear like a cost-effective solution, in many cases it is only a temporary fix at best––much like trying to use one’s thumb to plug a hole in a leaking dam. If not replaced, rusting, leaking, and corroded pipes in your home can lead to a major problems down the line not to mention lots of money down the proverbial drain. Here are 4 of the biggest signs that your home needs to be repiped:

Sign 1: Galvanized Steel Pipes

Much of the need for repiping homes today is the result of the aging of galvanized steel piping. Before 1981, the installation of galvanized steel pipes was the norm for in-home plumbing. Galvanized steel piping deteriorates from the inside out, making it difficult to detect problems until they become inconveniently apparent.

Sign 2: Low Water-Pressure

One of the most apparent signs of major problems inside your plumbing is a weak flow of water into or from any of your home’s fixtures and appliances. If you’ve noticed that the water pressure during your morning shower doesn’t seem as strong as used to be or that your washing machine seems to take an unusually long time to fill up, rust buildup inside your home’s incoming water lines is probably to blame. The mineral-heavy (“hard”) water that flows through Southern California pipes leads to rust and other impurities to build up within pipes, slowing the flow of water coming out of faucets and fixtures along with some other problems detailed below.

Sign 3: Rusty, Dirty, or Smelly Water

As you might expect, water flowing through pipes with rust or gunk buildup might come out looking or smelling a bit…iffy. If you notice that the water coming out of your faucets, showers, or other fixtures is reddish brown in color or smells foul, this is a major sign that the pipes in your home are deteriorating from the inside out. If this is the case, call a plumber and definitely don’t drink water from your home’s tap!

Sign 4: You’ve Got Leaks (and Possibly Water Damage)

Regular or ongoing leaks in your home’s pipes is a telltale sign that your home is due for a repiping. Water from leaking water can cause damage to other parts of your home. While the upfront cost of repiping may seem steep, in the long run you will be saving yourself from having to pay for multiple plumbing repair jobs and unnecessarily-high water bills.

Quality and Reasonable-Priced Repiping in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

If your home shows any signs of deteriorating pipes, it’s time to call a plumber. For the past 28 years, we have been repairing and replacing pipes in homes throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties for unbeatable prices. If your home needs new pipes, the trained technicians at Stephens can provide quick and reliable repiping. To learn more about repiping services provided by Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, click below.

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