7 Ways To Save Money With Heating And Air Conditioning

Your Heating And Air Conditioning Can Help You Cut Costs And Stay Warm

When the weather outside dips well below your comfort zone, you might feel like the winter is unbearable. But you have heating and air conditioning systems to keep you warm and cool all year long, right? Sure, but that comfort comes at a cost and when your utility bill comes, you might suffer from sticker shock during those cold months. You too can keep your heating costs to a minimum and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some effective ways to save energy and make a difference on your next bill.

Lower The Thermostat

Of course, it makes sense that when you want to use less energy, you just lower the thermostat. The Department of Energy says that you can save 10% every year by lowering the thermostat 10-15 degrees for eight hours a day. If you lower the temperature while you are away at work or while you are sleeping, you get the savings without losing comfort. And every degree you lower it counts.

Use Smart Technology

There’s a smart trick for every piece of technology these days and if you get a programmable thermostat, or even better, a smart thermostat, you can take advantage of the savings they provide. Smart thermostats can be controlled anywhere with your smartphone. You can customize a heating schedule around your work routine or you can change things on the fly whenever you want to without having to be home to do it.

Get That Annual Maintenance Check

The heating and air conditioning units need to be checked up on every year, usually before the start of each season. If you haven’t had a maintenance check in a while, you can actually save money by getting one. The furnace gets tuned up and will be adjusted to make it run more efficiently. Small repairs can be caught before they become worse and more expensive. And, in the end, the heater will run better and save money as well.

Layer Up And Save More

When the weather outside is cold, you want layers of clothing. Why should that be different in your home? You don’t need to wear shorts and a t-shirt at home do you? Get out your warmest pajamas and add another shirt under your sweatshirt. Then, you can dial the thermostat down a degree and still stay warm. Keep blankets on the couch and you can stay cozy without using more energy.

Use Free Heat From The Sun

Even in the winter, there will be days when the sun is shining. When that happens, open your blinds and curtains and let the sun warm the room. You can turn the heat down and warm yourself with the natural rays. Remember to close the blinds when the sun goes down though so you have another layer of insulation in your home to keep the heat in overnight.

Turn Your Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan might be on constantly in the summer, but did you know if you turn the blades clockwise and run them on low they will circulate the warm air back down to where you need it? It’s another way to save energy and stay warm!