Avoid Heating And Air Conditioning Hot And Cold Spots

Grab Higher Comfort With Your Heating And Air Conditioning

Every homeowner wants their house to be comfortable, but when the heating and air conditioning isn’t circulating properly, there can be hot and cold spots all over the home. Balancing the air improves circulation, comfort, and energy efficiency. You need to be able to deliver not only air, but the right amount of air to each room. Balancing your heating and air conditioning takes some testing and adjusting to get things just right. These tips will help you avoid hot and cold spots as much as possible.

What Is Air Balancing?

This process involves changing your HVAC system to evenly distribute your air everywhere in your home. Every room will have the right amount of heat or air so the temperature feels even and just right. There are ways to balance air on your own, but if you can’t get it right, you might want a professional to help you with the process.

Close Or Open Registers

One simple way to balance the air in a home is to restrict air flow into a room. If one room is hotter or colder than the others, partially close the vents. You won’t want to completely close it off, but partially closing it will restrict too much air from coming in and possibly balance out the temperature.

Change Filters

If your home normally feels good, but gradually changes to have hot and cold spots, it might be an old, dirty filter. Change the filter to improve your airflow, your air quality, and the unit’s overall efficiency.

Prevent Airflow Restrictions

Watch where your registers are and don’t place things directly over them. If you put a couch over a vent, you won’t be able to give a free flow of air to that room. If all of the heat or air goes into a piece of furniture, you’re wasting it and not getting enough of it in that room.

Avoid Electronics Near Thermostats

The thermostat reads the temperature of the home and tries to keep it at a certain level. If you place things that give off heat near the thermostat, it’s going to think it’s a lot warmer in your home than it actually is and run less. That might make the house feel hot in the summer and cold in the winter and you won’t be able to figure out why.

Get Heating And Air Conditioning Balancing

After you try a few things yourself, you might want to call a professional to help. You’ll want to have a heating and air conditioning tune-up every year anyway. While the expert is on hand, ask them to help with air balancing as well. You’ll have better efficiency, improved air circulation, lower energy bills, a longer HVAC system lifespan, and further comfort. You can also look forward to healthier air quality in your home. No one enjoys hot and cold spots from room to room and Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help you balance things out with ease.