Becoming A Plumber

Steps To Take To Become A Plumber

Even if you don’t want to be a plumber, it is nice to know that plumbers aren’t people that are plucked from obscurity. They have to work toward the goal of becoming a plumber. There are certain steps they have to take in order to get the job they have. When you invite a plumber into your home, you can rest assured that they have gone through a number of things in order to call themselves a plumber. Here are the things they need to have:

A High School Diploma

First, a plumber has to have a high school diploma and they need to have strong math skills. They will have to calculate and measure on the field and having basic math knowledge before undergoing more serious training will help them meet their challenges with ease. Plumbers are always in demand and it is a growing, competitive field.

Plumbing Education Classes

Becoming a plumber isn’t as simple as waking up and deciding you want to be a plumber. There are vocational courses that have to be taken in order to get certified. The classes range from college programs that are geared toward plumbing to technical schools. They will also range from toilet repair to leaky faucets fixes. They might even include full bathroom renovation. Completing the courses leads plumbers to earn apprenticeships in their state.

Plumber Apprenticeship

The biggest, more important step to become a plumber is the apprenticeship. In order to find a job, plumbers have to have a certain amount of time spent as an apprentice. The time ranges from 4-5 years or can be based on a number of hours. This gives plumbers experience in the field with professionals before they try to tackle tasks on their own. In order to be enrolled in a program that includes apprenticeship, plumbers have to have an aptitude test. That will show that they know the practices and methods of a plumber. Scoring the test will also require a few other steps including checking for a criminal record, ensuring valid drivers licenses, drug testing, and driving record checks.

Journeyman Plumber Exam

After the apprenticeship and exiting exam, the plumber can take the Journeyman Plumber’s exam. This final step can help a person start their career as a plumber. They will have to have a signed affidavit from a plumber where they worked during the apprenticeship in order to qualify for the exam. They also have to show proof of completed coursework. There are practice tests and online resources to help with questions and preparation. After the test is taken and passed, they can officially call themselves a certified plumber.

Peace Of Mind For Homeowners

As a homeowner, now you know what it takes to become a plumber. You can have peace of mind in the knowledge and expertise the people you let into your home to fix your plumbing have in their background because of their experiences leading up to becoming certified.