Who To Call For Plumbing Issues

When Guests Arrive, The Plumbing Fails

It’s nice to have guests come to visit your home and when family comes to stay, you can make some of the nicest memories you’ll have. However, it seems like plumbing issues always come up at the worst possible moment. How do the pipes know that you have company and you don’t have time for clogs? It never happens at a convenient time. So what can you do to prevent plumbing issues when you have guests staying for a few days? And who do you call if the worst happens?

Watch What Gets Flushes

Of course, you aren’t going to follow your guests into the bathroom, but you can make sure that the bathroom doesn’t have anything in it that shouldn’t be flushed. Place toilet paper in the bathrooms, but use hand towels instead of disposable napkins for drying hands. That way, no one will be tempted to flush items that aren’t supposed to go down the drain. You might even place a sign in the bathroom about what can’t be flushed and make sure there’s a trash can nearby so items that need to be tossed can be thrown away instead.

Watch The Kitchen Drains

When guests are around, there will likely be more people in the kitchen. While it’s nice to have help, it can lead to some messy plumbing issues as well. Your aunt might dump oil down the drain at her home, but you know better. It’s easy to get rid of the messy substance by just pouring it down the drain, but as the oil cools, it thickens in the pipes and slows the drains. Eventually, it’ll clog things up and you know that will happen while everyone is over. So make sure you’re taking charge of anything that needs to be disposed of properly.

Manage The Garbage Disposal

You will also want to make sure that you have people scrape plates with leftover food into the garbage can after the meal, and not into the garbage disposal. The disposal is handy for certain things. There are going to be scraps that get in there as you wash dishes. However, putting absolutely everything down there is just too much. If you don’t want to overwhelm the device, put things in the trash and then simply take the trash out to prevent the smell of rotting food.

Take Plumbing Precautions

You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible and that means having plumbing that works well for the extent of the visit. You never know when a tree root will make its way through the pipes, but there are some things you can prevent by taking a few precautions. If something does go wrong, make Stephens Plumbing your first call. We can visit your house in the event of an emergency or take care of a little issue quickly so you and your guests can get on with your visit with working plumbing and no further interruptions.