How You Can Prevent The Need For Toilet Repair


A toilet that doesn’t flush is the type of problem that most people hope they never need to deal with. Unfortunately, you usually only find out about it at the most inconvenient time. If the problem occurs so rarely that you can’t remember the last time it happened, you may not need to worry about calling a professional plumber for toilet repair. However, if you find yourself regularly dealing with a slow drain or close to disastrous overflow, you might have a deeper rooted issue in your home.

Recognizing When It’s time For Toilet Repair

Unless your toilet is overflowing in your bathroom at this current moment (in which case, please pick up the phone and call a professional), you might not be able to spot the signs of a troubled plumbing system without some insight.

Firstly, What Can Cause A Toilet To Clog?

When you find yourself dealing with a clogged toilet, especially unexpectedly, it’s important to understand how it could have come about. One thing that any household can fall victim to is using too much toilet paper. While it’s designed to be flushed, there’s a possibility that you could be overwhelming the bathroom piping by using it in bulk. Also, make sure that you’re not flushing paper towels, which take up much more volume. The same goes for feminine hygiene products which are not designed to be flushed. For those who have small children in the house, make sure they didn’t accidentally (or purposely) flush smaller objects and toys down the toilet.

Other Indicators That Your Need Toilet Repair

Besides a clog, there are other ways that your toilet can be telling you it’s time to call a plumbing services. While some of these issues can be resolved on your own, you never want to risk making a bad situation worse, especially when it comes to your plumbing.

You’re Not Getting a Full Flush

Whenever you push down the handle with normal force, the tank is supposed to empty the majority of water inside (holding it down is used for more water). However, when you push the handle down as you normally would, and you find yourself needing to regularly depress it a second time, this can indicate that one of the internal components isn’t functioning properly.

Errant Flushing When No One Is Using The Toilet

When it’s the middle of the night and you’re the only person home, hearing your toilet mysteriously flush can be extremely alarming. The problem is typically caused when toilet from the tank is slowly leaking into the bowl because of a faulty flapper, or a chain that’s too short. Once the bowl is filled to a point, it will automatically flush to avoid overflowing. This problem can also be recognized when you constantly hear the sound of the toilet tank filling long after it’s been flushed.

Make Sure Your Toilet Repair Is Done Right

While some issues can be easily spotted, it doesn’t always mean they’re easy to fix. If you’re unsure about what your next step is, or fear you could exacerbate an already dicey situation, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumbing company who can not only fix the issue, but spot any larger issues that might be looming.

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