Can Repiping Save Your Money?

Any responsible homeowner can tell you that general upkeep and maintenance are incredibly important to keeping the lights on and keeping the family safe, happy, and healthy. One of the worst things you can do is neglect a lingering issue with some aspect of the infrastructure, whether it’s the electricity, the home’s heating, or anything related to plumbing. While you may have had to employ the services of a professional plumber to handle certain tasks such as toilet repair or unclogging a shower drain, there are also a number of other plumbing services that add value to your home and help lower maintenance costs.

The Benefits of Repiping At Home

Unlike some more of common services offered, repiping in itself is quite an involved process. Even though they’re built out of study material that’s meant to deal with the constant ebb and flow of water, nature will eventually take its course. Deterioration occurs just from the frequent passing of hard water and other minerals over time through the pipes. There isn’t anything you can do to ‘fix’ the pipes permanently. You can repair certain bearings or seal any small leaks, but even those won’t last long-term. The only viable option is full repining. Fortunately, it’s actually a useful process, and will help save you money in the short term and the long term.

Avoiding Expensive Damage To Your Home

Dealing with water damage of any kind is a major inconvenience for the homeowner. Even if it’s just an overflowing sink or shower, it’s still a hassle to clean that mess up and avoid using a particular faucet until it’s repaired. This can be considered ‘best case’ scenario in terms of water damage. If you have a pipe that’s been deteriorating over time and it eventually breaks completely, it’s going to begin spewing water. If it goes unchecked even for any short amount of time, the build up water on your floor, in the walls, or anywhere else is a huge problem. If you manage to find the emergency shut off valve for the water, you still need to worry about clean up and the inevitable expensive repair costs. When you have repiping done, you have the chance to avoid this problem all together.

Less Expensive Utility Costs

Another way that repiping can save you money is through lower utility costs. Now, at first glance, this might not seem obvious. However, older, rusted and deteriorating pipes do not perform at the same level as brand new ones. This means lower water pressure or other smaller leaks that, over time, find their way onto the utility bill. Appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine, and even refrigerator all depend on a steady stream of water to operate. When the piping is hindering the water from reaching it’s destination, those appliances need to utilize more energy to compensate, which also ends up costing you.

Less Long-Term Health Consequences

As pipes being to show their age, they’re also like to accumulate unwanted build up in the form of rust or mold. If mold manages to grow into the pipes, this can lead to some serious health consequences if not checked. While you should generally have a way to check the quality of your water, repiping is a surefire way to keep anyone in the household away from potential health risks.