Common Flushing Problems: Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair Happens When Flushing Challenges Arise

When your toilet won’t flush, you know you have an issue. Sometimes, it’s a simple clog that you can clear up with a plunger. Other times, the problem is larger and less obvious. On older toilets, the unit might not be strong enough to flush well and it takes several flushes to clear the bowl. On newer models, there could be a partial or complete clog that is blocking things from happening correctly. Whatever the case, you need toilet repair to keep things operating as smoothly as possible. Here are three common reasons for improper flushing operations.

1. Not Enough Tank Water

If there isn’t enough water in your tank, the toilet won’t flush properly. When you push the lever to flush, you’re allowing water from the tank into the toilet bowl. If the tank doesn’t have the water in it, it won’t release as much as it needs to in order to flush. You’ll notice weaker flow of water coming into the bowl, without flushing it at all. You may have to make adjustments in the tank to get the water to rise further inside. If you can’t figure it out, a professional plumber can certainly help you with this issue.

2. Faulty Flappers Or Lift Chains

The flapper, the rubber cup-shaped item in the bottom of the tank, covers the drain that goes between the bowl and the tank. The lift chain opens and closes that flapper. If the chain is broken or lax or the flapper is cracked or damaged, the water could leak into the bowl or not be able to drain at all. It could be as simple as replacing those parts, but a professional can tell you for sure what to do to get the results you want.

3. Clogging Issues

The biggest cause for faulty flushing are clogging issues. You could have anything from a partial to a full clog that can cause things to go awry when you flush. If clogs hinder flushing, the process may not complete itself and you might see water return back up the drain after the flush. If plunging doesn’t take care of the issue, there’s either a full clog or the clog is too deep for you to reach it. You will want to have a professional help you with the problem before it becomes a real overflowing mess that can damage your bathroom or other parts of your house.

Toilet Repair Shouldn’t Be A Lonely Job

Whatever the reasons your toilet isn’t flushing properly, you certainly don’t have to troubleshoot it on your own. That’s why Stephens Plumbing is here—to help you solve plumbing mysteries, whether they’re obvious or harder to figure out. The last thing you want is something to go wrong when your toilet is acting up, such as backing dirty water up into your house. Before it gets to that point, call in the professionals for toilet repair and protect your home from larger issues that can occur around toilets that need a little extra help.