5 Common Toilet Repairs

If you own a home, one day you will inevitably be in need of toilet repair. Thankfully, there are some you can easily identify on your own.

Toilet Repairs and Problems You Can Identify

1. Phantom Flushes

If you hear your toilet refilling unnecessarily, you may have a problem called “phantom flush.” This common toilet repair occurs when a toilet starts and stops on its own. Its symptomatic of a slow leak that goes from the tank into the bowl and is most likely caused by a faulty flapper seat. To fix this, drain the toilet and replace the flapper. It’s an easy toilet repair done with or without a plumber.

2. Trickling Flushes

Another easy toilet repair is trickling flushes. This occurs when water trickles into the tank from the supply line. You’ll know you have trickling flushes if you hear a hissing sound coming from your toilet. This noise is caused by water trickling from the inlet valve. Two easy ways to solve this are by checking the float and the refill tube. You want to make sure the float is sticking and that the refill tube extends only a quarter of the inch below the rim. If you fix both of these things and your problem isn’t solved, you should probably call a plumber. You likely have a more complicated toilet repair.

3. Slowly Emptying Bowl

Plumbers also call this “weak flush.” A common toilet repair, it is the result of clogged holes found under the bowl’s rim. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix. Using a curved piece of wire, you can poke into each of the flush holes. Using a small mirror to see beneath the rim, you can break up the debris and clear your clogs. If you don’t have thin wire, a coat hanger works just as well. However, be careful not to scratch the bowl.

4. Clogs

The most common toilet repair is the dreaded clog. These can be cleared easily and there are several tools available to help. For smaller clogs you can use a force-cup plunger. Simply insert the bulb into the drain and pump, slowly releasing the handle and allowing water in to clear the drain. Repeat this until the clog is cleared.

If you have a more serious clog, you should use an auger. After inserting the auger into the toilet’s drain hole, twist the handle and you push down. Once again, be careful not to scratch the bowl.

5. Leaky Seals

Leaks are also very common. Each toilet has five seals that can leak. If any of these five seals leak, the first step is to identify the faulty seal and repair it. If the seal between the tank and the bowl is leaking, you will have a major water leak. There will be water spouting from the toilet with every flush. To seal this leak, you’ll need to drain and remove the tank. A smaller leak can be repaired by simply tightening a bolt. For more serious leaks, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber.

Toilet Repair and Other Common Plumbing Problem.

While some plumbing problems can easily be solved without the help of the plumber, there are some instances in which the experience of a professional are necessary. We’ve been providing quality services to the Orange County area since 1986. Our professional plumbers can handle any toilet repairs, faucet repairs, sewer services, and gas line services that you may need. Even in an emergency, our plumbers are there to help at a moment’s notice.