What Happens if You Skip Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning Your Air Duct is as Important as Washing Your Dishes

Though some disagree, both agreeing people and disagreeing people can concur that cleaning your air ducts every once in awhile is a good move. Air ducts can build up like any passageway, and they are found in homes, businesses, and cars. When your air ducts build up, dust and dirt may gather at the mouths of vents and cause unsightly patches of dirt and debris. When you see gobs of matter in your vents, it is past time to schedule a cleaning of your air ducts and vents. Though again, there is some dissent as to whether or not the act is necessary, no one can deny the list of benefits associated with cleaning out your air ducts.

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

Remember that, with an HVAC system, you are basically circulating the same air in and out of different rooms. This air will be circulated through any room several times throughout the day, and it is sensible that one would want this air to be as clean as possible. Cleaning out your air duct will ensure that this continuously-circulated air is as clean as possible. Without a proper cleaning of your air ducts, it is possible for polluted air to cause a room, or an area of a room to smell.

Presence of Allergens and Irritants

There is no way to perfectly sterilize your home or business against allergens. Allergens can be dust, to which people will have symptoms when they come in contact with refuse from the dust mites; pollen, which can easily tracked in by anyone on a spring day, or blown in through an open door or window; or pet dander, which can come from the innocent office cat or family dog. Any one of these can make the experience of being indoors miserable, but a thorough cleaning of your air ducts can reduce the chances that someone will come in contact with allergens that trigger allergy colds.

Bad or Improper Circulation

Imagine what happens when you’ve had too many high-cholesterol foods for years upon years. Your arteries may begin to clog, making blood circulation difficult. Your HVAC system works in a similar way, and it is possible for dust, dirt, debris, and allergens to clog your airways, and cause the air to slowly or inefficiently circulate. On a hot summer day, the last thing you want is to be without air conditioning, or to be stuck in an uncomfortably warm office, something that could have been prevented, had you just made sure that your air ducts were clean, and free of obstruction.

Decreased Energy Efficiency

Bear in mind that, just like the comparison to the blood in your arteries, when your home or office airway is restricted, or dirty, the circulation suffers, and causes your HVAC system to work harder just to cool you down, or warm you up. Cleaning out your air ducts not only keeps your indoor air as clean as possible, but also protects your entire HVAC system. While the system will eventually need to be replaced, as it will wear out, you can lengthen its life when you don’t force it to work hard just to keep going.