HVAC Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Checking The HVAC System To Improve Indoor Air Quality

You want to keep your family safe at all times and breathing the best air possible is one sure fire way to do it. Your indoor air quality is often directly linked to your HVAC system since that system circulates the air around your home. There are several things you can do to keep the air inside your home as clean as possible. You certainly don’t want it to be more polluted than the air outdoors. Here are some ways to maintain your HVAC so your home can have fresh, clean air circulating.

Clean The Ducts

How long have you lived in your home? Have you ever cleaned the air ducts? If not, it’s probably time. The air ducts are the devices that push air into your home. If they’ve been left to accumulate dust and other particles for years, they’re likely pushing both air and debris into your rooms.. That can’t be good for anyone’s health. Cleaning the ducts isn’t something you have to have done every month or anything, but it’s definitely good for your air quality to look into it every once in a while.

Change The Filters

Your filters on the HVAC system are very important to the air quality in the home. The air runs through those filters and then into your home, so the dust and other items will get stuck in the filters. If the filters have build-up and get too dirty, they don’t work well and it’ll get into your air instead. Plus it’s harder to force air through a dirty filter, which will make your home less efficient and comfortable overall while your HVAC works harder to try and keep your home at a good temperature.

Open Windows

During the colder or warmer times of the year, you keep your house sealed up and the heat or air running. This means you’re circulating the same air through your house over and over again. Every now and then, you should open the windows to get some fresh air into the space. Whenever you clean the floors, you’re putting dust and particles into the air, which will then be circulated again. Fresh air gives you something new to work with.

Bring Plants Into The Home

Not everyone has a green thumb, but there are some plants that are easy enough for most people to keep alive. Getting even a few small plants can help you clean the air in your home. Plants release oxygen into the air and are a nice way to purify the air quality in a home.

Keep HVAC Systems Running Well

You will want your HVAC system to have the cleanest air possible to run as efficiently as possible. Keep in touch with Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning and have them come out for annual maintenance checks. They can even let you know how your air quality is doing and what you can do to heighten the levels of the air you breathe.