Making the Most of Your Plumbing

Love Your Plumbing and it will Love You Back!

Plumbing emergencies may not ruin your home or office building, but they can definitely cause more than their fair share of chaos. When any part of a bathroom is out of commission, even temporarily, it causes more problems. People have to be directed elsewhere to take care of very personal matters, and it is frustrating, and time consuming. Taking care of plumbing is easy; if you’re not sure what to do, you can always call your local plumbing company for specific tips, but most people don’t need to do this. Once one backed-up drain or malfunctioning toilet happens, most people learn their lesson, but knowing what you should do before disaster strikes can save you time and money.

Keep Your Kitchen Sink Free of Nuts, Seeds, and Fibrous Vegetable Matter.

Make sure that you also add egg shells to this list! Though your garbage disposal is a great way to dispose of unwanted food items, it can be fragile, and prone to breaking. If this happens, your drain on the side of your sink on which you most depend to keep your kitchen running. Give your garbage disposal a head start by keeping things out of it that don’t belong. Things that are very hard to shred can potentially stop your garbage disposal. Some examples are nuts and seeds. Though it may seem like a sensible thing to do, putting vegetables down the garbage disposal isn’t a good idea. Things like celery, and expired mango can get caught in the blades, slowing, and eventually stopping your sink.

If You Comb or Shave Over the Sink, Wipe the Hair Out.

Getting ready for work in the morning isn’t something about which we spend huge amounts of time thinking. Grooming is a normal part of everyone’s life, but sometimes, we have special types of grooming that needs to be done. Men, for example, usually grow thick beards, beards that then need maintenance that includes trimming. Beard hair is course, and on some men, curly, and can stick to the sides of drains, eventually clogging them. If you shave in the shower, or wash your hair, this is also a distinct possibility that you can clog your delicate drains with hair. While it’s normal that you will wash hair down the drains, trying not to do so is always in the best interest of the pipes. It is easier to take care of hair in the sink than it is hair in the shower, but making an effort to take care of both is good. If you can, go to your local hardware store, or a one-stop shop for products that protect drains from hair. Plenty of products like this exist, and allow water to flow through while trapping hair and grainy cosmetics.

Keep Feminine Products Out of the Toilet.

Signs that give this advice can be found all over the place in public use and office restrooms. These places, though, are not the only places that have trouble tolerating feminine products. Hotels, cruise ships, homes, and apartment buildings, too have this difficulty. It is best to assume that every plumbing system, really, whether residential or commercial, has a difficult time taking on feminine products, and to try throwing them in the trash instead is best for your plumbing.