How Old Is Old? Repiping Timing And Needs

Figuring Out When Repiping Is Necessary

You may feel like you are “old” when you reach a certain age. You might know signs of when a car is “old” or when an HVAC system is reaching its limit. But what about your pipes? How old is old in their world? You don’t want to replace something just because of age if it still works, right? So instead of judging your pipes simply on age alone, look for some of these signs to give you the right time frame for repiping.

The Water Is No Longer Clear

Water is supposed to be a clear liquid. It’s not tea and it’s not wine—it’s water. If you’ve noticed that your water color is no longer clear, that’s cause for concerns. Water with a darker color, like a tint of brown, usually shows pipe corrosion. Water running through pipes that have rust in them can carry that rust to your faucets and that’s never a good thing. Rusty pipes are also building up mineral deposits, which will increase your chance of clogs as the year goes by. Those clogs can then increase the pipe’s pressure and cause bursts. Before you get to any of that, you might want to look into repiping. Plus, don’t you want to drink clear water anyway?

The Water Has A Smell

Water is supposed to be clear in color and it’s also supposed to be clear in scent. If your water has an odor, you are smelling a buildup of bacteria within the pipes. That could lead to repiping or another solution, but you definitely want to get something done. Most people describe their water as smelling like rotten eggs. Is that something you’d like to drink? Doubtful!

Water Damage Is Evident

Leaky pipes happen, but if they are persistent or happening in a number of areas, repiping might be the easiest answer. You can see some leaks with your eyes while others are hidden in the walls. You might start to see water stains on the ceilings or on the walls. That leaking water can lead to mold, mildew, and a host of other issues. It’s best to take care of the water damage with repiping sooner rather than later.

Get Repiping Advice From A Professional

In the end, you may not know whether or not you need repiping until you talk to a professional. You can watch for the signs and that gives you a good reason to call Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for help in the first place. Our experts can come to your home and give you advice as to what you need to do to get the water your family needs and deserves. Don’t continue to deal with water that is brown or smells funny. Look into repiping for the good of your family’s health right away. We won’t tell you that you need repiping unless your pipes require it. Age doesn’t always matter, but the signs above do and we’re here to identify just what your home needs.