Pipe Problems That Require Repiping

What Problems Do Your Pipes Have?

Pipes are sturdy and long lasting. They are meant to withstand water and years of use. That being said, they won’t last forever. Your plumbing system is something that is used daily. Eventually, there may come a time when you have to have pipe repairs or even repiping in your home, especially if you have an older house with original plumbing.

Pipe Issues That Require Repiping

Luckily, pipes are an item that will give you several warning signs when something is wrong. They often don’t just stop working or burst without first showing you that something is off. As a homeowner, you need to watch for the most obvious signs that your pipes have issues that might require repiping. They include:

Leaky Pipes

If you see a pipe leaking or hear dripping sounds in your walls or ceilings, you might have a pipe with one or more holes in it. Also, watch for water damage on the walls and ceilings. You won’t always hear things when it comes to leaky pipes.

Rusty Pipes

Rust is a big problem when it comes to pipes. If your pipes are old or low in quality, they might start to rust. You could notice a metallic taste in the water or you could see a color to the water or smell something off. You can also see rusty pipes if any of them are exposed. Repiping becomes necessary to fix this issue.

Low Water Pressure

When pipes get corroded, they can get backed up, which results in low water pressure. Sometimes repairs can be done and other times, repiping is necessary.

High Water Bills

If you notice your water bills going up steadily, or if you get a big spike, even if you don’t use more water than normal, it’s a huge indication that your pipes are on the fritz. Even a small leak can cause piping to give you a boost to the water bills.

Repiping Or Repairs?

When you notice one or more of the above signs, you might need pipe repair or complete repiping. But which do you need and what is best for your home long term? Here are the differences between the two to help you understand the situation.

Pipe Repair

Pipe repairs are temporary fixes. They work well for small issues, like minor leaks. They often involve fixing just one specific section of pipe where an issue is occurring.


Repiping is a permanent solution to an issue that has recurred over the years or to something that becomes a larger problem. It completely removes the entire piping system in the home and replaces it with new pipes. It will take care of all issues and help the home’s plumbing long-term.

Which Do You Need?

It might be hard to tell whether you need a pipe repair or replacement, but your plumber will be able to tell you what is the best recourse for your home. Call a professional to take a look at your situation and get the advice you need.