What Your Plumber Knows that You May Not

Your Plumber is a Wealth of Information

Maybe your first inclination isn’t to pepper your plumber with questions when you’re having an emergency in the middle of the night. Plumbing is something we don’t normally see, but we know is there everytime we see a sink, a fountain, or a toilet. We don’t think about plumbing, and rarely think about plumbers, if we aren’t having a problem, and that’s normal. If you have a plumber over during the day, however, you may find that your plumber can help you with daily tips that will help you keep your home or business in the best shape possible. No one likes to have their day, maybe even their lives, interrupted with a plumbing problem, so ask your plumber to help you with some simple tips.

How to Keep Pipes and Drains Clear

Your plumber isn’t just there for you when your toilet is on the fritz. Your plumber can help you with anything that involves the running water in your home. To keep that water running smoothly and efficiently, your local plumber needs your help. They can’t be with you every minute of the day, so they will tell you how to better care for your plumbing systems. Often, when we wash our hair, some of it slips off of our heads, and ends up in the shower drain. Unfortunately, no drain was meant to withstand the amount of hair that several people shed in shower after shower, so drain will back up, pooling water in the tub when you’re showing, and sometimes giving off a strange smell. If this is the case in your home, whether it is in your shower, or in your bathroom sink, getting in touch with a local plumber will get any issue resolved quickly. What your plumber will also do, though, is give you tips on how to keep your shower and sink drain clear, and they may even have product recommendations for you. This way, you will save time and money with clean, clear drains.

How to Keep Pipes Going in Sub-Zero Temperatures

When your pipes freeze, it is not just inconvenient, but it can also pose a health risk. Without warm running water, you won’t be able to properly care for yourself, either with your personal hygiene, or staying hydrated. Once your pipes are frozen, thawing them is generally a simple process, but can still take time. A plumber can, indeed, assist you with this, or you can do it yourself. Running water can melt ice, so once part of your plumbing is flowing again, it will be easier to get the rest of the plumbing running. If your plumber helps you with this, they will also give you instructions on insulating your pipes. Insulation keeps pipes just warm enough that you won’t have to worry about them freezing again.

How to Better Conserve Water

In many states, water conservation is imperative to the state’s continued ability to effectively supply clean water. In states that are not drought states, there are still important efforts being made to reduce and conserve. Since your local plumber is in charge of all of the water flowing through your home, they will be your best bet for suggestions on water conservation. Working your plumbing less will also make your plumber’s job easier in the future.