What Plumbing Noises Can Tell You

Listen To The Plumbing In Your Home

Every home is going to make sounds and sometimes it’s natural. Other times, however, you might hear things in the walls that showcase plumbing issues. When you hear plumbing noises, you’ll want to know why they sound as they do and what you need to do about them. Here are some of the most common problematic plumbing noises and what you should do about them.

A Banging Sound

When you turn the water on, do you hear banging noises? If the water is hammering, there is a closed valve stopping the water from running through a pipe with ease. It can damage pipes and loosen joints. When you hear banging, air chambers are clogged, and you need a plumber to clear those chambers and possibly replace damaged parts.

A Shaking Noise

Pipes shake when water runs through them and the sound isn’t usually loud enough for you to notice it. At times, though, the pipes may not be as secure as they should be, and the mounting strips need to be secured. Tighten straps or replace them if they have torn away from the walls. Have a professional check for the right location and tighten them for you.

Gurgling Sounds

If you hear gurgling in the drain when water goes down, there is likely a clog blocking water from clearing through the drain properly. Your drain might need to be cleaned out and vented to prevent air bubbles. You may need new drain vents or a simple drain cleaning, either of which takes professional help.

A Screeching Noise

If you hear screeching from your faucet, or a high whine before the water comes out, there may be a defective part in the faucet or a valve that isn’t working properly. It makes sense to get things looked over before a bigger issue arises.

Knowing Your Plumbing Sounds

One of the biggest ways you can maintain your plumbing properly is to simply listen to what the pipes tell you. Try to have some quiet in your home at times when the plumbing is operating so you know what it sounds like on a regular basis. Then, if there are any changes, you will notice them right away and you can get on the repairs as quickly as possible. When you have plumbing issues, you are likely wasting water, even a little at a time, and raising your utility bills more than you need to. You also might have a small issue that is easy to fix now but could get much bigger and much worse in the future. Take care of it right away and you can avoid further headaches.

Let Experts Listen To Your Plumbing

When you hear any of the above sounds, call Stephens Plumbing and let the experts take a listen to what your pipes are trying to tell you. Their trained ear will be able to pinpoint the issue, so they can go over possible repair needs with you before anything gets to an emergency point.