Plumbing & Other Services You Need For New Construction


For any new construction project, whether it’s for a residential or commercial building, you need to ensure that any sort of plumbing system is installed up to the highest standards. Since there is a lot to think about, from any sort of gas lines, to drain and sewer planning, a team of experienced, reputable, and knowledgeable plumbing contractors is a must. Most people don’t realize how many different plumbing aspects need to be taken into consideration for new construction.

Plumbing and HVAC Services For Your New Construction

While you want the entire system to be running optimally, there are certainly a few key components that any project is dependant on. Make sure any team of professionals you want to hire is able to handle at least all of the following before going into business with them.

Gas Line Installation

In terms of something that you want to be handled by a plumbing professionals, gas line installation is certainly one of them. Only trained professionals should be dealing with this aspect of new construction, since faulty work can lead to extremely dangerous circumstances. Gas leaks from improper installation can lead to explosions, or life threatening fires. While that is the absolute worst case scenario, it’s not something that you should take lightly, so always have a licensed, experienced plumbing expert handle this part of your new construction.

Planning For Sinks, Showers, and Toilets

Another important part of the construction process is knowing where you’re going to place any sinks, toilets, and, if it’s a residential location, showers. This is typically going to be a partnership between the builder and the plumbing experts, since they both need to agree on ideal locations in terms of piping layout.

Water Heater Installation

Since there are a few different types of water heater systems available, you need to understand what might be best for your particular new construction. Also, since some of them do involve the direct use of natural gas, propane, or oil, water heater installation something that you should always leave to a plumbing professional. There are also electric water heaters, and even those powered by solar energy! The size of your building also needs to be taken into consideration, since much larger commercial locations will need multiple water heaters.

HVAC Needs

Especially in California, where the winter months are warm, and the summer months can be extremely hot, you want to make sure that your home or commercial building has a properly installed and working air conditioning system. In general, AC installation is going to be extremely laborious, and can’t normally be handled by anyone but a professional (unless it’s a window or portable AC unit of some kind).

Make Sure Your New Plumbing Is Built To Last

Industry professionals can help you feel secure about the investment in your new building, and their plumbing expertise will also provide you with working systems for years to come. Before any project is over, always ask them about any necessary maintenance tips, and plan in advance when you want them to come back and perform a general inspection of your building plumbing system.

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