Preparing Your Heat And Air Conditioning For The Fall

It’s Time To Maintain Your Heating And Air Conditioning

You can probably feel the weather starting to change at this point. The heat is no longer blazing outside. The cold temperatures of winter are creeping up and the trees and plants are changing into their multicolored display. Fall is here and winter isn’t too far behind. During this season, this is the perfect time to get your heating and air conditioning ready for the changing season. This involves cleaning up the insides of the HVAC system, replacing a few filters, and checking up on the system to make sure nothing is wrong. To make sure your heating is working for the winter while your AC remains safe from the cold, here are a few steps you should take:

Change The Air Filter

Both the heater and air conditioner have a variety of air filters to supply clean air coming into your home. Over time, these filters build up with various debris and contaminants and need to be replaced. If you start using the heater in the winter (or AC in the summer) without replacing these filters, you are asking for trouble. You can replace the air filter in your HVAC system, and any additional filters around the furnace. Use a HEPA or electrostatic filter to increase energy efficiency and to allow the warm air to flow unimpeded during the winter.

Clean The Condenser Unit

Over the summer, an air conditioning unit can build up a ton of dirt and grime around the condenser unit. You probably won’t notice it over the winter, but when it comes time to turn the AC on next summer, things will get ugly. Clean the area around the condenser unit to remove any debris. Be on the lookout for larger debris like leaves and weeds since the end of summer and beginning of fall are times when plant matter is hitting the ground.

Clean The Air Vents And Ducts

The point where outside air reaches the heater or air conditioner is just one stop in your HVAC system. In order to have heat or cool air,  you need to make sure that the air vents and ducts in your home are maintained as well. Go through each room of your home and remove the vent covers. You can use the extension hose of your vacuum to remove dust and debris from the vents and covers to keep air flowing smoothly.

Schedule A Maintenance Checkup

In order to have the best maintenance possible for your heating and air conditioning, the best thing to do is schedule a regular maintenance checkup from a qualified HVAC specialist. These checkups will involve looking at all the small little parts your HVAC system has to keep everything running smoothly. A technician will make sure the airflow is unimpeded and will tune up anything necessary to keep the system running efficiently. If you are interested in setting up a checkup or need some repair work done on your heating and air conditioning system, check out our website and get in touch.