How Toilet Repair Can Keep Your Children Safe

Toilet Repair And Other Child Safety Precautions

When you have a child in your home, you know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to protect them. Many parents go around the house placing child safety locks on certain doors and childproofing other areas. But not every new parent knows how to keep a child safe in the bathroom. And the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house when children are present. Use these bathroom tips to keep your children as safe as possible.

Supervise At All Times

Children are never safe in the bathroom until they are old enough to care for themselves. You need to be with them at all times. You might think it is okay for you to run and answer the door when your child is in the bath, but children can drown in as little as a few inches of water. Make sure you’re paying attention to your child during bath time.

Check Water Temperatures

While you might love a scalding hot shower, children should not be in hot water. Make sure your hot water heater doesn’t go above 120 degrees. Test the water before you put the child in the tub. You can even get rubber duckies that change color at a certain temperature to tell you what is too hot. If your child is old enough to turn on faucets alone, show them how to turn the cold on first and then adjust to warmer temperatures.

Get Toilet Repairs Fast

If you have a leak in your toilet, you need to get it fixed sooner rather than later. Leaks in any plumbing appliance can cost you money on your water bill and they also often get worse (and more costly) over time. Plus, when you have children around, any water on the floor is a slipping danger. And when a toilet is leaking, you never know what is in the water. You don’t want bacteria in the bathroom causing health issues and mold growth. To keep your child safe, simply have the toilet repairs done quickly.

Lock Toiletry And Medicine Cabinets

You should keep all medications in cabinets so your child cannot reach them. Placing them in child-resistant containers can also help as well. They should also be locked into the cabinets. You also want shampoos, cosmetics, and soaps up and out of the way. These are useful items, but they are not for children to play around with unattended.

Unplug And Store Electric Appliances

Many homes have hair dryers, curling irons, and other items in the bathroom at all times and that’s fine. But when you aren’t using those items, unplug them and store them up and out of the way so a child can’t reach them. If they remain plugged in, a child could pull it into the water and shock themselves. Or they could burn their hand on a hot iron or any number of other things. It’s not worth the risk when there’s a child around.