Toilet Repair Projects For Fall

Keeping Your Toilet Repair In Control

The toilet is one of the most important things in a home that we rarely think about. It’s the thing you want to work every time you need it because if it doesn’t, small problems can turn into large problems fast. Thankfully, most common issues with the toilet are easy to solve. Unless you are looking at extensive pipe repair or replacing the entire toilet itself, toilet repair skills are great to have. To help you develop these skills, check out these common issues and fixes:

How A Toilet Works

If you have ever opened up a toilet lid, it may have seemed fairly complicated. In reality, toilets are fairly simple: they work using gravity. When you flush a toilet, water comes in from the tank into the bowl. The new water pushes the old water down the pipe, through an S-bend, and into the sewer. New water fills up the bowl and tank, then it’s ready to be used once again. Common issues with a toilet prevent some aspect of this process from taking place as normal. Here are a few issues to watch out for:


If you ever notice water leaking from the toilet, or see water around the floor of the toilet, it may mean there is a loose connection somewhere. Check all the different places pipes connect to with each other or the toilet. The tank bolts, coupling nuts, and fill valve mounting nuts should all be tight to keep water from coming out. Usually, you can tighten these fittings with a wrench and some strength. If you notice water coming from the toilet itself (i.e. from a crack), you will probably have to buy a new tank.

No Flushing

The lack of flushing probably means that the mechanisms that connect the handle to the flapper valve aren’t working. Start by opening up the tank lid and seeing where the handle connects to the valve via the flash lever/lift arm and chain. The connections between all of these points should be tight, but loose enough to allow the whole assembly to move naturally. Wiggle the handle to make sure everything is working. The flapper valve needs to be raised a certain distance for the toilet to flush. When you see a problem, take note. Most repairs will involve replacing the mechanism that is damaged or not working.

Stuck Handle

If the handle feels hard to push down, it’s usually a sign that there is some grit or a buildup of lime around the mounting nut. Remove the tank lid to get a good view of the nut. Clean the nut with a cloth and some water to remove any debris and dirt. If you see a buildup of lime, clean the nut with a toothbrush and some vinegar. Once any buildup is gone, you should be able to use the handle just like normal.

Calling In The Big Guns

While there are plenty of things you can get done when doing some toilet repair yourself, there are other issues that require expert solutions. That’s where we come in. Busted pipes, cracked toilets, and more, we can get it done. Regardless of the size of the project, we know how to keep your toilet working. If you have an issue or are interested in the services that we provide, check out the rest of our website. If it is a real emergency, contact us to set up an appointment.