How Does Water Leak Detection Work?

Getting To The Bottom Of Water Leak Detection

If you think you might have a leak in a faucet or pipe, it is best to contact a plumber to have a professional water leak detection process run. Without the water leak detection, you won’t have any peace of mind. The water that might be leaking somewhere in your house could cost you quite a bit of money on your water bill over the year and you never know when a leak is damaging your walls, ceiling, insulation, basement or another part of your home. Get the repairs you need when you need them, but only once water leak detection is complete and you know what needs to be repaired. How does your plumber go about water leak detection? Here are a few processes they might use.

Wait, Watch, And Listen

Water leaks often make noise and your plumber may be able to hear where the leak is occurring. Leaks are sometimes tricky and it might sound like it’s coming from one direction when really it’s an echo that is occurring from somewhere else. The Plumber might use an electronic machine that can pick up and amplify sound waves that leaks produce so they can find the origination of the leak.

Inspect The Stains

If you have water stains on your walls, ceiling, basement flooring or other areas, your plumber will act as a detective and inspect those stains to find the origin of the leak. It might be simple to find the leak if they can figure out where the stains are coming from and how the water is dripping down. It’s harder to find leaks in insulation, like in the attic, because the water stains don’t always show up there. But the stains in areas that can be seen make water leak detection easier.

Overall Inspections

If it’s not obvious by sound or sight where the leaks are occurring, your plumber will do a thorough inspection of your pipes and plumbing system in order to help with water leak detection. Even if they find one leaky faucet, they will want to look over the rest of the pipes in order to ensure that nothing else is leaking in any other location. Inspecting the pipes in a thorough manner will give you peace of mind that the leaks are found, even if there are multiple areas that need repairs.

Get Water Leak Detection Today

If you have noticed that your water bill is higher than normal, or your water pressure seems lower, you might have a leak somewhere in your home. You may be able to find it on your own, but if you can’t see or hear it yourself, contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for help. We’ll run a thorough water leak detection process on your home and fix anything that needs to be fixed. You need to know where the leaks are so you don’t damage your home in areas that are hard to fix in the future. Head the problem off now with water leak detection.