What to Expect with a Water Leak Detection Service

What Does a Water Leak Detection Service Entail?

In a previous blog on water leak detection, we talked about how to identify the top signs of a water leak. A drastic change in your water bills, damp or moldy spots in your home, low water pressure, and noticeable dripping or running water sounds are all common signs of a water leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

While these can all be signs of a water leak, noticing any of the above is only the first step. You will want to determine two things next: 1. that there is, indeed, a leak somewhere in your plumbing system and 2. where the leak is located. If this seems like an impossible task, don’t worry! Your local plumber can provide you with a water leak detection service to help you find and fix the problem promptly. Learn more about two common techniques for water leak detection below.

The Two Most Effective Water Leak Detection Techniques

Thanks to advanced plumbing technology, we are able to use two different, effective techniques for water leak detection. One technique is using ultrasound technology, and another is to detect a leak through a video inspection. Each of these techniques lets us determine the presence and location of a water leak without having to tear into your walls, floors, or yard. Learn more about how each one works and the benefits of each one below.

Detecting a Leak Through Ultrasound Technology

We know what you’re thinking: “Ultrasound? Isn’t that what they use in hospitals?” And yes, it is! Ultrasound technology detects sound waves that are too high pitched to be heard by a human ear. Coincidentally, this technology is useful for a lot more than taking images of unborn babies. Water leaks—no matter how small—produce some sort of sound that is often too quiet or too far from the ground to be heard by human ears. Using ultrasound technology, we can go through walls, flooring, concrete, and soil to detect the presence and location of a leak without breaking the surface.

Detecting a Leak Through a Video Inspection

In recent years, sewer and drain video inspections have become a powerful tool for detecting and identifying water leaks. Using a high-resolution camera and specialized equipment, we can take a virtual tour of the inside of your sewer and drain lines. Our cameras and equipment let us see the actual leaking water and extent of the leak. Additionally, we can determine the exact cause of a leak and what it will take to fix the problem—whether it be sealing a crack in a pipe or replacing an entire drain line.

Need a Water Leak Detection Service?

If you’re experiencing any of the signs of a water leak in your home—like higher water bills or sounds of dripping water—don’t hesitate to call your local plumber. With 30 years of service, our plumbers will help find the source of the leak and restore your plumbing to normal working condition! Learn more about our water leak detection services below.

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