What To Ask A Plumber

Questions For A Plumber

No one wants to have plumbing issues, but it happens in every home at some point or another. There are common issues like a broken water pipe and larger ordeals that involve more complicated issues. Choosing a plumber sounds easy enough. You just do a quick internet search and pick one, right? Well, that could end up costing you a lot more money and stress than you are willing to give. Take a little extra time and ask the plumbing candidates some questions to ensure you choose the right one.

Are You Licensed?

Most states require a plumber to have a license. This license is your reassurance that the plumber is equipped with the knowledge and training necessary to give you quality services on your plumbing.

Are You And Your Work Insured?

The only thing worse than having a plumbing problem is somehow hiring a plumber who doesn’t fix the problem and, rather, makes it worse. If the plumber doesn’t have insurance and gets hurt in your home, it might end up being your issue. If the plumber’s work isn’t guaranteed and he makes it worse, the money you need to fix the even bigger issue comes out of your pocket.

Are There Additional Charges?

Some plumbers will give you an estimate for the job, but they will take on extra charges for labor and parts later. You should get a complete, full estimate up front for the work you need to have done. There shouldn’t be any additional charges later unless the plumber talks with you about it first.

What Experience Do You Have With This Issue?

If you have backed up pipes, you want a plumber with a lot of experience unclogging them. If you have low flushing toilets, there are plumbers that specialize in that area. If the plumber has previous experience fixing problems like yours, they are more likely the person for the job than someone who specializes in another area.

What Could Prevent This Problem In The Future?

Once you have a plumber come out and fix a problem, you want to do something to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Sometimes, plumbing issues just happen because the pipes are old and the plumbing is testy. But there are some things you can prevent and save money on if you know the right maintenance steps. The right plumber should be able to answer your questions and shouldn’t want to have to come back to your home for the same issues again.

Can You Provide References?

Any reputable plumber can give you names and phone numbers of people they have served in the past. You can call those individuals and ensure that the plumber gave them the kind of service you want and need. Ask how they conducted themselves in their house and if they have had any problems with their initial plumbing issue since the plumber fixed it. You can also look online at reviews and other testimonials to get a feel for the quality of their work.