Outdoor Plumbing Services From Stephens

Experts in Outdoor Plumbing

Experiencing issues with your outdoor plumbing? No problem! Our highly-skilled plumbers can help with a variety of plumbing needs. Some of our popular outdoor plumbing services include hose bib replacement and installation, sprinkler valve replacement, outdoor sink replacement and installation, and slab leak detection, repair, and replacement. Learn more about these services in more detail below!

Hose Bibb Replacement & Installation

You will find the hose bibb, the faucet that connects to your garden hose, on your home’s exterior. This part can often leak, which results in the waste of water and higher bills. It is possible that work may need to be done on the pipes that are behind the faucet. Our plumbers are familiar with handling hose bibbs. We have licensed, bonded and insured plumbers who can replace your outdoor faucet quickly and properly. 

Sprinkler Valve Replacement

The purpose of sprinkler valves is to control water flow. The valves open and close. If you find that your sprinkler system is not working, there most likely is an issue with the valves. Some indicators that a sprinkler valve is not functioning correctly are low water pressure in your yard or home, sprinkler heads with poor spraying pressure, and wet sections in your lawn. Our plumbers will get to the bottom of the situation, replacing your sprinkler valve so that it works properly. We will get your lawn back to pristine condition in no time! 

Outdoor Sink Replacement & Installation

At Stephens, our experts have years of experience with both sink replacement and installation. If you find that your outdoor sink is leaking, give us a call! Our goal is to properly install your new sink, preventing future issues from arising. Trying to attempt this on your own without professional help can be challenging and if done incorrectly, can cause serious damage. Don’t worry, we will take good care of your sink! 

Slab Leak Detection, Repair, & Replacement

Lastly, our plumbers are trained in slab leak detection, repair, and replacement. Unfortunately, there can be leaks that stem from the pipes beneath your concrete floor. You can tell if there is a slab leak if you hear running water when the water is turned off, your water bill is unusually high, mildew and moisture are present, and there are visible cracks the your flooring or walls. In instances like these, you need a professional you can trust to help fix the problem, especially before things get worse. Stephens is here to help! Depending on the type of home you have, we offer slab leak detection and different types of slab leak repair.

Call Stephens For Your Outdoor Plumbing Needs

Stephens provides quality services for all of your outdoor plumbing needs! With over 32 years of experience, you can rest-assured that we will get the job done in an effective and timely manner. Before we complete any work, we will provide you with a full price quote. Our team loves helping South Bay and Orange County homeowners with what we do best, when they need it the most. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!