4 Pro Tips For Maintaining Your AC Unit

We understand that LA is unlike any other city in the country. It’s hot. All the time. Many homeowners, like yourself, struggle with their AC units when the summer months hit with scorching temperatures. Their unit either stops working or doesn’t produce cold air. Why? This happens because homeowners always avoid their routine inspections and maintenance.

Maintaining Your AC Unit

Most people think that routine AC maintenance is just a scam. What you don’t understand is that technicians are on your side. We want to help protect your investment so you stay cool and comfortable in the crazy LA heat waves.

AC Maintenance Pro Tips

Properly caring for your air conditioning unit is crucial if you want the most cost and energy-efficient unit possible. Here are some pro tips to keep your AC cool, functioning, and safe for the environment.

1. Change Your Filter Every Month

This is one of the most important tasks you can perform, and you don’t need a professional HVAC technician to do it. Your filter easily gets clogged with dust, dirt and other debris that block normal airflow and reduce your system’s efficiency.

More than just keeping your AC system working properly, changing the filter can help you save money on your electricity bill. By replacing a dirty or damaged filter, you can lower your bill by 5 – 15%.

If you are like many Southern Californians who use their air conditioning unit all year long, you may need to change filters more often. The more you use your AC, the more dirt and debris filter through the system.

2. Clean Your AC Vents

Your vents are constantly filtering the air in your home. Buildup of dust and other allergens can form in your vents making your living conditions less than great. Not only does this build up cause harm to your health, but also increases your energy bill.

Here’s a simple way to clean your AC vents on your own:

Step 1: Turn your unit off
Step 2: Use a small attachment of your vacuum and clean the surface of all vents in your home
Step 3: Remove vent covers and wash with soap
Step 4: Clean as far as you can into the ducts with a duster or vacuum.

If you are looking for a deeper cleanse of your AC vents, contact a local HVAC technician.

3. Clear Area Around Unit

Air conditioning units are big and not the prettiest addition to your outdoor space, but it is important to keep them free of obstructions. If you have trees or plants near the unit, be sure that they are properly maintained. Blocking the airflow of your unit can hinder its performance.

Vegetation around your unit is not always a bad thing. A shaded unit will use about 10% less electricity. Keep the trees, but keep them trimmed! Your best bet is to keep vegetation around three to five feet away from the unit.

4. Clean Condenser Coils

Your condenser coils are responsible for moving the hot air out so the cool air can be dumped in. If the coil is damaged or dirty, its ability to move air lessens and the efficiency of your unit is poor.

Here are a few steps to clean your condenser coils:

Step 1: Remove visible debris on the outside of the coils
Step 2: Spray coil cleaner into the coil
Step 3: Wait 5-10 minutes, and then clean the rest with water

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