Buildings That Benefit From Air Duct Cleaning

Different Buildings That Need To Be Mindful of Air Duct Cleaning

A working air conditioning system is one of those things that people don’t really notice or think much about until the moment they don’t have it anywhere. If it’s a hot day, being able to walk into a building for a moment of relief is great, especially in states like California where the heat can get pretty excruciating. That being said, these intricate systems (usually central air) don’t work flawlessly, and they certainly don’t work without the right sort of upkeep. If you’re the owner or manager of certain buildings, you need to be mindful of what the different means of upkeep are, and what they mean in the short and long term.

Understanding The AC System

If you have a large central air conditioning system, it’s important to have a general sense of how it works and actually produces cool air. To put it into the simplest terms, an AC system utilizes some of the the same operating components and processes as a refrigerator. Air is filtered through an evaporator, while a warm air is released outside the building through a hot coil. The air is then moved through a refrigerant, and then the air travels through the various air duct systems and out the ventilation system at different locations. As the air gets warmer, it is then cycled out again, and the process repeats itself. There are a lot of technical aspects to this system, and it’s dependant on a of things going right. However, one of the most important components is the collection of air ducts which the air travels through, regardless of the building.

Your Home

Most “modern” homes, are going to  come with a central air conditioning system in place. During the warmer months, you and your family are probably going to spend a lot of time inside, so you want to make sure that you’re always enjoying the highest possible air quality. The air itself comes through vents in different rooms, which can be closed or opened depending on use. Not only that, but many homes will have multiple thermostats so you can control the temperature at different spots. By keeping your air ducts clean, or regularly changing air filters, you can ensure that you’re always breathing in the cleanest possible air, instead of various particles that accumulate over time.

Larger Commercial Buildings

Whether it’s a school, an office building, a warehouse, or any other type of large building that requires air conditioning, upkeep is extremely important. By sheer volume, there is a lot more to worry about, which means that you’ll probably need to get more regular inspections. When it comes to the air ducts, something that can begin to cause problems are the filters and whether or not they’ve been replaced. As they clog with dust and other small particles, the system needs to work harder to push air through. This means your electricty bill is going to be higher, especially as time goes on. In larger buildings, this is going to rack up really quick, so you always want to make sure that air ducts and filters are cleaned on a regular basis to help keep air quality up and energy costs down.