Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts Before Spring

Home Protection

A home is supposed to be a refuge from the elements outside. While it’s easy to see how it can protect you from the weather, there’s a hidden part of your home that is equally important for protecting you from the smaller things outdoors. Your air duct system, the ducts and vents that draw in and filter outside air, are responsible for keeping away harmful and bothersome allergens and contaminants. Without this system, you and your family would be exposed to a variety of things that can drive your senses crazy or even make you sick. To keep the system running at peak efficiency, it needs to be clean and clear of obstacles and debris. That is why occasional air duct cleaning is extremely important.

What Is An Air Duct Cleaning?

Your home’s HVAC system is made up of a bunch of vents, ducts, and filters that have air flowing constantly throughout the day. Over time, the air carries in little particles and contaminants that can build up in the system. If enough time passes, this can lead to complications like blockages that will keep the system from working. Air duct cleaning is a service done by a professional that effectively removes any debris and blockages from the system. This increases the efficiency of the system while giving you peace of mind that your home is effectively filtering out the bad stuff from outdoors.

What’s Involved

It can be tempting to think this is a simple DIY project you can do over the weekend. In truth, however, air duct cleaning requires special equipment that can be expensive and difficult to operate without experience. That is why a licensed professional is the best way to go. Most professionals will have a large, heavy-duty vacuum installed right on their truck to hook up to the home’s HVAC system. This vacuum will increase the pressure inside, forcing the air in and out through the system to remove the debris. All the harmful contaminants and blockages will be drawn out, leaving nothing but a clean system behind. The professional may also replace the various air filters that clean the air in the system. This is done to ensure the system can filter out as many harmful things as possible.

Things To Keep In Mind

When it comes to the winter months, this is a perfect time to get your air ducts cleaned before spring hits. As new plants and trees begin to bloom again, it is common for allergens and other plant debris to be released outside. This debris can easily get into your HVAC system. During the fall, there’s even more plant matter that gets trapped in your air ducts and vents, meaning you probably already have a good amount of buildup. A periodic air duct cleaning during the winter will help get your HVAC system prepared for the spring. Your heating system will also be reliable during the cold months.

Making An Appointment

Getting a professional to come and check out your HVAC system to do an air duct cleaning is simple. All you have to do is contact a professional to set up an appointment. They will come out to inspect and clean your air ducts using proper equipment and techniques. They may also take the time to fix any potential issues they notice with your HVAC system. Once everything is said and done, your system will be as good as new. Contact us to see what kind of services we can provide you during the winter months.