The Different Types Of Pipes For Repiping

Old Pipes Are Replaced With Repiping

When you have old pipes that are rusty and about to burst, or worse, one of them did burst, it might be time for repiping. If you have an older home, you might see this coming. However, if you’ve never gone through the experience before, you likely don’t know that much about it. You may not know, for example, that there are different pipes that your plumber can use for repiping. The pipes include copper or PEX piping, each of which come with their own benefits and drawbacks. If you are approaching a repiping project, it is a good idea to educate yourself on the types of pipes you can put into your home so you know what to request and what to ask when you speak with your plumber.

PEX Plumbing Pipes

PEX piping is colorful and flexible. They are also very durable and give you a smaller chance of a future leak. They are quite resistant to high and low temperatures, which is ideal for piping. They give you efficient, fast water flow and can help to cut back your utility bills. The environmentally friendly pipes can last a lifetime. The pipes are also cost-effective because they are cheaper than the copper option. They also require a lot less effort to put in because of their flexibility.

Copper Plumbing Pipes

Copper pipes may look more like what you are used to seeing because they are a metallic color and material. Copper pipes are also highly durable and long lasting and they can be used outside the house as well as inside because of their weather resistance. They won’t burn up in a fire and they resist the corrosion that constant water can have on certain materials. Copper plumbing pipes can also be recycled down the road. Copper pipes are more expensive and require expertise and experience to get a good outcome.

Which Repiping Options Are Right For You?

Copper pipes offer a few advantages that PEX pipes do not. They can be used outside the house, for example, and they are fire resistant. They are also recyclable and bacteria resistant. They resist corrosion and while thieves love to cut out copper pipes and steal them, it’s not easy to do so. On the other hand, PEX pipes have a lot of advantages that copper pipes don’t have. They’re easy to install and cost-effective. They run quieter and have a simple design. They bring fewer chances of leaks and have extreme temperature resistant. They are also efficient and require very few fittings.

The Decision Is Yours

In the end, the decision is yours since you’re the homeowner who is getting repiping done in the first place. Talk to your trusted local plumber and go over the options in more detail in order to make a final decision. Your plumber may have suggestions one way or the other based on your budget, your home’s layout, or other things that are specific to your situation.