Issues With DIY Toilet Repair

Can You Pull Off Toilet Repair Alone?

The toilet is one of the main plumbing fixtures you will use in your home on a daily basis. When something breaks on the toilet, you want it fixed as soon as possible. If you are pretty handy around the house, you might think you can fix your toilet on your own—and perhaps you can. But there are also issues that can arise if you go the DIY route for toilet repair. Here are a few things that can happen if you avoid calling a professional for toilet repair.

You Forget A Step

Toilet repair can be simple enough if you know what you’re doing and you do everything in the right order. But what if you skip an important step? You might forget to turn the water off to the toilet, for example, before you put the repairs in effect. That can lead to a huge mess on your end, all because you were a little forgetful. Professionals won’t forget anything important—or anything minor, for that matter.

You Got The Wrong Part

Toilets differ from one another and if you think one part will fit any toilet, you’d be wrong. It’s a waste of your time to traipse back and forth to the hardware store, trying different toilet parts to figure out what fits and what’s right. Your time is better spent making a quick phone call to a professional.

The Problem Occurs Again

When you fix the toilet yourself and the problem comes up again, you’re the only one responsible for it. You either have to fix it again, or you have to call an expert for help. Either way, you wasted time and money in parts in the past only to have the same problem happen again. If that happened to a professional, at least they would back their work up and fix the problem for you a second time, at no charge.

The Toilet Repair Results In A Huge Mess

Toilet repair can be tricky and if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you may not know if it’s really fixed or not. If you don’t get things fixed or you don’t put everything back together correctly, there could be a huge mess on your bathroom floor and other areas that you weren’t expecting. All that could be avoided by calling a professional in the first place. They can fix what you need fixed and give you preventative measures to take in the future to prevent the same (and other!) toilet repairs from becoming necessary again.

Do You Need Help With Toilet Repair?

As handy as you might be, when it comes to something as important as your toilet, it might be better to call a professional for help. Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help with any toilet repair issues, big or small. We’re here to help in the event of an emergency, but we hope you’ll call us with minor problems first so we can aid you in avoiding the major messes toilets can cause in a home.