Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance Advice

Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable. It is also a rather expensive item that you don’t want to have to replace on a regular basis. Maintaining your heating and air conditioning system can help you avoid problems and it can keep you comfortable while allowing your bills to stay within a reasonable range. There are several things you will want to do in order to maintain your heating and air conditioning system.

Change Filters

It sounds like common sense to change your air filters on a regular basis, but how often do you really think about your air filters? When filters get clogged and dirty, they reduce the amount of airflow that will go through your heating and air conditioning system. That means the system has to work longer and harder to get your house to the temperature you desire. That consumes more energy, drives up your bills, and makes your HVAC system wear down faster. It is a good idea to set an alert on your phone calendar to check and change the air filter every month. Cleaning filters can also help you keep the amount of dirt flying through your house to a minimum. No one likes to dust more often!

Clear Items Away From Compressors

If you have central air conditioning and/or a heat pump system, you have an outdoor compressor unit. In order to do a proper job, these units need to have unobstructed surroundings. Before the temperature turns and you start using one unit over another, check around the area and make sure there aren’t any obstructions. You might need to trim plants, remove leaves, and blow away dirt. The compressors need to be able to breathe in order to work properly.

Tune Thermostats

If you have a programmable thermostat, it is a good idea to check the settings every time the season changes to make sure they are set how you want them to be set. If your family is out during the day, you can raise the temperatures. You can turn the heat down at night in the winter. By setting the thermostat around your schedule, you don’t have to turn it up and down by hand very much, which will help you save energy and money on your bills.

Schedule Service Calls

One of the best things you can do for your heating and air conditioning system is to have regular, annual maintenance checks from a professional. You won’t want to wait until something is wrong with your unit and you are desperate for heat or air. Instead, be proactive about your maintenance and have the units checked out before the season hits. If there is anything small wrong, you can have it fixed before it becomes a larger, more expensive emergency. And you will likely prevent even small things from happening by simply having the unit cleaned out and looked over. Professional maintenance tune-ups can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches later in the season.