Between Air Conditioning Service Checks

Air Conditioning Service You Can Do

While you know that you should have your air conditioning service done by a professional, you may not realize that what you do between those check-ups is just as important to the overall health of your unit. Professionals want you to know about these things so you can lengthen the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioner. Use these tips to keep things running nicely even if you haven’t gotten an air conditioning service in eleven months.

Change Air Filters Monthly

One of the most important things you can for your air conditioner is to allow it the ability to work efficiently. Take your hand and put it over your mouth. Is there much air getting out if you try to blow through your hand? That’s kind of what your air conditioner is going through if you ignore filter changes. The debris gets stuck in the filter and not as much air can get out. The unit will have to work harder to get what air it can get through to your home. Changing the filters will do wonders for your efficiency and it can even help you save money on energy bills.

Clean Air Conditioning Vents

The vents that run through your house are filtering the air through your home constantly, especially when it’s at the hottest outside. You can get dust and other buildups in those vents, which gives you dirtier indoor air and also increases your energy bill. You can clean the vents in a variety of ways on your own including turning off your unit and using a small attachment on the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust from the surface of the vents. You can also remove the vent covers and wash them with soap and water, as long as you allow them to fully dry before you replace them. You can then clean as far as you can reach with a duster, vacuum, or another device. This will help keep things as clean as possible right around the vents.

Keep The Unit Region Clean

Air conditioners are big and they’re usually kind of hidden behind the house, which makes them a good spot to stash other things you want out of the way. But you will want to keep the unit free and clear of other items. Along with moving your items, you will also want to get rid of weeds and dust from the unit to keep it free of as many obstructions as possible so it can run efficiently.

About That Air Conditioning Service…

Even if you do everything you can on an annual basis, it’s still best to have a professional check over the AC unit so you can ensure that everything is running safely and smoothly for those hot times of the year. When you get an air conditioning service, in addition to everything you already do, you will have peace of mind that your air conditioner is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. You want cool air in your home, but you don’t want to have to pay more than necessary!