Why Your Plumbing Could Be Running Up Your Water Bill

When The Bills Are High, Plumbing Could Be On The Fritz

If you see an unexpected increase in your water bill, you might first wonder how you are going to cover the expense in your budget. Second, you might wonder what is causing the increase in the first place. You don’t want to pay that same high bill next month so it might be a good idea to call a plumber to see what’s going on. Here are a few things that could cause your water bill to go up all of a sudden.

Leaks In Or Around The Toilet

Not all toilet leaks are obvious, but if the toilet is leaking, you could waste hundreds of gallons every day and thousands of gallons a week. That will show up on your bills for sure. The leaks aren’t always easy to locate because you can’t always see them. Instead, you need to call Stephens Plumbing for toilet repair to stop the issue and your rising bills.

Dripping Faucets Are More Than An Annoyance

You might not care for the sound of a dripping faucet because you might think it’s not really hurting much or wasting much, is it? It could be! Even a small drip can add up to a large amount of water and money wasted every month. Getting help with that leak can keep your water bills under control and can help you prevent the drop from turning into a major plumbing issue later on.

Fixtures Way Past Their Prime

Leaks sprout much more often in older pipes, which increases the amount of water you use. These leaks could also cause damage to your walls, ceilings, flooring, and structural elements in the home. Plus, anywhere there’s water pooling that never goes away, you could be seeing mold growth as well, which is never safe. Aging fixtures and pipes can cause a steep increase in a water bill if there are issues you aren’t paying attention to.

Irrigation Line Leaks

If you have irrigation in your yard, there could be leaks underground that will have a huge impact on your bills. You need to have the irrigation areas inspected the first sign you spot a leak. Whether it’s a mushy yard or a steep bill, call to have an inspection so you can waste as little water as possible in the weeks to come.

Ask Stephens Plumbing For Help With Your Plumbing Issues

Whether you know the cause of your high bills or not, you want them to stop sooner rather than later. That’s a good enough reason to call Stephens Plumbing for help. We’re a friendly, professional plumbing company that takes water conservation very seriously. We want your water bill to be as low as possible so we’ll work on your plumbing to make it not only effective but also efficient. Call us the minute you suspect an issue. If you get a high water bill and have no idea what’s up, we’ll troubleshoot for you, find the cause, and fix it before the next bill rolls in.