When To Call For Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair Signs

Your toilet is something you need to function well on a daily basis. You may even take it for granted until something goes wrong. When that something happens, it can be a huge inconvenience. Before things get worse and you end up with a real mess on your hands, look through the most common situations that cause toilet repairs to become necessary. If you recognize the signs early, you can avoid worse issues in the near future.


Toilets usually leak between the floor and the base, but it might leak elsewhere if the tank or bowl is cracked. If the junction between the tank and bowl fail, it could leak there as well. Whenever there is a leak, there is something going on and you need toilet repair. It is best to shut the water supply off to the toilet and call for repairs.

Weak Flushing

You will see this a lot in older toilets. If the toilet isn’t flushing with as much water, there could be a buildup of hard water deposits somewhere within it. You can call for professional toilet repair and have it cleaned out. The technician may also recommend that you have the toilet replaced with a newer model to prevent issues in the future.

Refilling Tank

If the seal between the flush seat and the flap is broken, or if the flushing handle isn’t attached to the chain, the toilet may constantly run and refill. You may need help with toilet repair in order to get this issue fixed. It is costly to run water through the toilet on a regular basis without a break.

Low Water Levels

You know what your toilet looks like when it is filled up to the proper level. If you notice the water level is lower than normal, there could be a clog in place. You could attempt to plunge it yourself, but if that doesn’t work, call for toilet repair. There might be a cracked bowl that needs to be replaced or a clog that you can’t reach without help.

Slow Filling Tank

If you notice that the tank is filling much slower than it used to, it could be that the shut-off valve under the tank is partly closed off. You should call for toilet repair to see why the water flow has been restricted.

Call With Questions

If you have any doubt as to whether or not you need toilet repair, you should call a plumber to ask questions about your specific situation. They may be able to make a recommendation to you over the phone or they may have to see the issue in person. Either way, it is better to be safe than sorry when you are dealing with your toilet. Not only is it an item you use on a daily basis, but it can also lead to horrible flooding problems and costly repairs if you let something go too long and it gets worse because you neglected to make the call.