Prevent Toilet Repair With Ease

Saving Money By Avoiding Toilet Repairs

While toilet repair is something that happens to most homeowners at some point, it’s best to avoid it if at all possible. Does anyone really want to have a toilet on the fritz? While some things happen over time due to wear and tear and can’t be avoided, there are things you can do that can stop issues from ever occurring. Use these tips to save your money and avoid toilet repair when possible.

Place A Trash Can Near The Toilet

Even if your family members know not to flush anything down the toilet but toilet paper, guests may not feel they have an option. Put a trash can near the toilet so they have the option to throw things away instead of flushing them down the toilet where they don’t belong. This could cause a possible clog, leading to imminent toilet repairs.

Clear Nearby Surfaces

Some toilets need to be repairs because something fell into them on accident, like a bottle or toiletries. Keep the counters near the toilet clear so there are fewer chances that an accident, as mentioned,  will occur and cause toilet repairs to become necessary.

Keep A Plunger Handy

Buy a plunger and keep it in the bathroom, even if it’s hidden from view. Learn how to use it properly so you can get rid of small clogs on your own without calling for professional help. If the clogs persist and are more common than not, you might want a plumber to take a look at the drain anyway, so you don’t have a major backup emergency at some point.

Talk To Family Members

Your family members are the ones who use the toilet more than anyone else. Talk to them about rules as to what they can or cannot flush down. Make sure everyone knows that only toilet paper goes down the drain, nothing else—not even paper towels or facial tissues.

Schedule Repairs Right Away

Even if you follow these tips, you might need toilet repair at some point. If you have a leak, notice your toilet isn’t running properly, or have another issue, it’s best to get repairs done sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more water you are wasting and the more likelier the issue will get bigger and cause a real problem in your home. You certainly don’t want an overflow coming from the toilet. It’s easier to get toilet repair taken care of now rather than waiting for things to get worse. It’ll cost you less in the long run as well.

Contact Professionals For Toilet Repair

Don’t wait for a true emergency to occur. Instead, get toilet repair the second you notice the signs that it’s needed. Contact the experts at Stephens Plumbing to ask questions about toilet repair costs and needs. You can take care of some details over the phone, but the professionals will be able to tell you more in person once they take an in-person look at the problem you are facing.