Preventing A Need For Heater Repair At Home


When the winter months roll around, having a heater in your home can help keep you and your family comfortable and healthy as you battle the cold weather. Unfortunately, every household is susceptible to having a broken or faulty heater that can drastically affect your home’s temperature. Just as your car will need occasional maintenance, large household appliances like a heater or other HVAC systems have a lot of components, and you need to know when you might require repair service.

How You Can Avoid The Need For Heater Repair

Sometimes, avoiding the need for heater repair all together can be done by performing maintenance and inspections on your own. Also knowing how to spot a faulty heater can help you avoid a major problem before it even starts. Here is some important information about your heater that will keep you and your family warm throughout the winter.

Some Common Heater Maintenance Tips

You don’t need a be a certified technician in order to perform some basic heater maintenance and inspection. It’s highly recommended you do this in the months leading up to winter, so you’re not scrambling to find repair service when it’s cold out. Firstly, you can inspect the quality of your system’s fan belt. If you notice that it’s worn down, cracking, or ripping, it needs to be replaced before the system is turned on. Additionally, look around the system and check for any exposed or damaged electrical wiring. This can cause problematic performance. Finally, after every winter, the air filters should be replaced, since dust and dirt will lead to poor air quality throughout your home.

Spotting a Faulty Heater

Even if you or a professional has performed some form of maintenance prior to the winter, you should still know different warning signs of a damaged heater that require repair. The first and most obvious sign is that you’re getting no heat throughout the household. While the root problem might not be monumental, you still need to fix the problem as soon as possible. Another thing to look for, or in this case listen for, is any loud humming or rattling that’s constantly coming from the heater. While these are only a couple things to be mindful of, if you’re experiencing any of these issues, make sure you contact a professional repair service immediately.

What Happens When Heater Repair Doesn’t Work?

If you’re still running into problems after maintenance or a professional inspects your unit, it’s probably time to consider a heater replacement. While a properly maintained heater can last a household for decades, you need to know when it’s time to invest in a new piece. Consistently high gas bills, an inconsistent thermostat, or frequent noises getting worse every season are all indicators that you’re better off buying a new heater.

Leave Any Heater Repair To The Professionals

Whether you’re interested in heater repair or trying to determine if you need a new heater, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out the advice of a professional plumbing, heating and air conditioning company with years of experience.

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