Steps For Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection In Your Home

If you have noticed that your water meter has been spinning a lot faster than normal and perhaps you are seeing bills that are way higher than average, you might have a water leak somewhere. You may need to call a plumber, but there are water leak detection steps you can take yourself as well to see if you can pinpoint the issue. Follow these easy steps to see if you have a water leak or if there might be another issue at hand.

Step 1: Turn It Off

First, turn off all water-consuming appliances, including the icemaker, fridge, and anything else that uses water. Turn them off and close them tightly.

Step 2: Communication

Tell everyone that is in the home not to use the water for the next half hour.

Step 3: Locate It

Once everything is shut off and everyone knows what’s going on, locate the water meter in the home.

Step 4: Inspect The Needle

Check the needle’s position on the water meter. Where is it located? Take note of the position on the dial. Write yourself a message to remind you of exactly where it was located.

Step 5: Wait

Wait for 15 or 30 minutes to let things settle and occur in your home.

Step 6: Return To The Meter

Go back to the meter and check where the needle is not. If it has changed position, you may very well have a leak in your home somewhere, whether you can see it or not.

What Should You Do Now?

Once you recognize that you have a leak in your home, it’s time to find the leak. The easiest thing you can do is walk around and see if you have any toilets leaking from around the bottom, if faucets are dripping, or if pipes have water coming out of them. But if you can’t see anything, there isn’t much more you can do about the leak. You need further help with water leak detection.

Call A Professional For Water Leak Detection

Water leaks can happen just about anywhere and even if you see a water stain, the leak could occur elsewhere and pool where the stain is in sight. It’s really best to call Stephens Plumbing to get help with not only water leak detection but also fixing the leaks once they are found. It’s nice for you to know that you really do have a leak before you call because then you have peace of mind that you do indeed need a plumber. But once you have all the information you can gather, it’s best to leave the rest up to the professionals. Our experts will find the leak, fix it, and assess any damage the leak has done to your home so you can put things back in order as quickly as possible. We’ll give you an upfront written estimate before we do any work and complete a thorough inspection. Schedule an appointment today and let’s get to work!