Tips For Maintaining Your Heater And AC Units

Home Heating And Air Conditioning Tips

In order to remain comfortable in your home, you need to have heating and air conditioning for the cold and winter months. But how do you keep the units running well? You need to properly clean them and maintain them, of course. Not only will this keep your home comfortable, but it will also save you money on energy bills and extend the life of the unit. Take a look at your heating and air conditioning units on a regular basis in order to keep them operating properly.

Tip 1: Shut Off Power

Anytime you are going to work on cleaning or maintaining your heating and air conditioning, you will want to shut the power off to the unit. Look for an exterior shut-off unit outside and turn the power off at the breaker box as well.

Tip 2: Remove Debris

On the exterior air conditioning unit, you will want to remove the debris from around the unit. There may be leaves, dirt, and other items that have collected on the unit as the months go by. You can also remove the fan cage from the top of the unit and vacuum up other debris from the inside.

Step 3: Clean Fins

The outside unit will have fins around it where dirt collects over time. Spray the fins with a garden hose to clean off the dirt. You will not want to use a pressure washer because that can damage the fins. If the fins are really dirty, use a commercial washing item or a butter knife to get between the fins.


Step 4: Level The Unit

The outside unit sits on dirt and settles from time to time. When it is not level, the compressor can fail earlier than it should. Check the unit to see if it is leveled and use shims to get it back on level footing.

Step 5: Change Filters

You will want to change your filters on a regular basis inside, especially if you leave your windows open a lot and have a lot of dust flying around. Check the filter once a month and change it on a regular basis. You will want to get new filters to ensure the quality of air in your home and to keep the heating and air conditioning working effectively and efficiently.

Step 6: Schedule Tune Ups

It is wise to have your heating and air conditioning system checked before every major season. Have the air conditioning checked out and tuned up before the summer and the heating system checked before the winter months. That way, when the weather changes, you won’t be caught out in the cold (or heat!) of the season without a perfectly running unit. It’s easier to fix small things now than large and expensive things later. Keeping up with your heating and air conditioning can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.