Tips And Tricks For Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repair Items To Remember

Functioning toilets are essential tools that we use on a daily basis. No matter how much you avoid thinking about it, they are an important part of any home. We often hide toilets behind closed doors and decorations, but they are one of the most important household items any home has. And a broken toilet leads to an unhappy house. Toilets can fail at any time and leave you in a bind. It’s good to know a bit about toilet repair so you know what you can handle yourself and when you might have to call a plumber for help.

Clogs That Occur Time And Time Again

Clogs are the most common toilet repair need. Anytime you flush a toilet and it’s filled with too much, you could cause a clog. A bad flush could mean the toilet is partially or completely plugged up. Completely clogged toilets will fill with water and possibly overflow. Partial clogs or toilets with slow drains will partially fill the bowl and then decrease, but the waste may not be removed. There are several tools you can use to clear the clogs. With some practice, most homeowners can get clogs to go away. But if the clogs always come back, call a plumber for more serious help.

Try The Plunger

Most bathrooms have a plunger stored away somewhere and it is the first go-to tool for fixing a clogged toilet. It can be messy if the bowl is full and once the plunger is used, you will want to store it away somewhere that won’t contaminate the floor or other areas. Put the plunger into the bowl and thrust gently first, then you can give is a harder thrust. Hopefully, the clog will loosen and the water will recede.

Grab A Snake

If the plunger doesn’t work, get a snake, a lengthy wire coil with a corkscrew tip. You can extend this down your pipe to the clog, turn it so it digs into whatever is clogging the line, and remove the debris.

Phantom Flushing Fixes

You might hear your toilet refill like it has been flushed, but no one is in the bathroom. If you ignore that because it’s not really hurting anything, you could waste gallons upon gallons of water every day, for no reason. This problem happens when there is a water leak out of the toilet tank, causing it to refill. You might have a bad flapper or flapper seat so check those items and replace them if they are worn or damaged.

Broken Toilet Handle Fixes

Broken toilet handles are easy to fix, whether it’s stuck or loose. Just remove the tank and clean the mounting nut. The buildup of debris on this nut can cause the handle to stick. Cleaning it can fix the handle or you can tighten the nut for a loose handle.

Call For Toilet Repair

If the issues are bigger than you can handle or nothing you have tried has worked, it’s time to call Stephens Plumbing for toilet repair to put your house back in order.